Construction & Industrial Safety

About the UTMB Construction & Industrial Safety Programs

Construction activities are considered some of the most hazardous occupational activities.  As a rapidly-growing academic medical center, UTMB has several construction projects ongoing in various stages at any one time.  Active projects can range from small renovations handled by In-House Construction to new building construction.  EHS staff work closely with the design team & project managers to ensure the safe, timely, and on-budget completion of construction projects.

As a large academic medical center, UTMB's Galveston Campus is essentially a small city within the City of Galveston.  Combined with operations at each of our regional hospital campuses, there is a lot of complexity and support activities that go into keeping UTMB functioning.  From electrical cogeneration (combined heat & power) facilities to a medical waste incinerator, many industrial-type activities are present across our campuses.  UTMB's Industrial Safety Program works to create systems and processes designed to ensure the safety of UTMB employees and contractors involved in operating and maintaining these complex systems.

Construction & Industrial Safety Resources

  • Crane Use: UTMB departments who plan to bring a crane onto UTMB property need to submit a Crane Use Notification Form (CUNF) at least 72 hours in advance of the planned crane work.  The CUNF should be submitted by a UTMB employee who has knowledge of the specific work to be completed. Click Here (UTMB Login Required) to submit a CUNF.
  • Permit-Required Confined Space Entry: Entry into any Permit-Required Confined Space (PRCS) requires issuance and completion of a PRCS Entry Permit.  The PRCS Entry Permit is to be completed by the Entry Supervisor.  The online PRCS Entry Permit, once filled out, will send a PDF to your email address.  Print the emailed PDF entry permit and take it to the job site to document entry conditions.  Return the completed permit to within one week entry being completed. You may request a Permit-Required Confined Space Entry Permit by Clicking Here.