Hot Work Program

The UTMB Hot Work Program is designed to ensure that spark and flame producing construction and maintenance activities do not present an undue fire hazard to people and UTMB property.

This program is designed to define UTMB’s approach to controlling fire hazards resulting from work activities that have the potential for producing sparks, flames or significant heat. It provides instruction for obtaining written authorization to perform such work and establishes the minimum hazard controls that must be utilized during the work. This procedure covers the following types of construction or maintenance work:

  • Welding and allied processes
  • Heat treating
  • Grinding 
  • Thawing pipe
  • Powder-driven fasteners
  • Similar applications producing a spark, flame or heat

This procedure does not cover such activities as cooking, the use of electric soldering irons, autoclaves, Bunsen burners or other lab equipment or other activities that normally occur in a building (e.g. cauterizing, other lab work, etc.). It also does not apply to outdoor activities when they are suitably located more than 35 feet from buildings of combustible construction and to unoccupied buildings under construction unless activities could potentially negatively impact existing, connected facilities.

To to request a Hot Work Permit, please use the web based application at ATG INC.

Instructions to submit a permit request can be found in the Permitting Request System section of the EHS webpage.