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Each year the Office of Student Life leads and facilitates cultural, recreational, and social celebrations, ceremonies, and events for the University community. We collaborate with students and faculty in the implementation of programs and activities that support students’ personal and professional development, while expanding their learning experiences.

There are over 90 active student organizations here at UTMB. Involvement in one or more organizations helps develop essential life skills, critical thinking, leadership, lifelong learning, and oral and written communication skills. Through additional participation in University related activities, you will discover multicultural and global perspectives, civic and individual responsibility, respect for individuals, a sense of competence, and the capacity to work well with others.

In addition to working with organizations, the Office of Student Life also work with, coordinates or provides support to the following:

:: Student Government Association
:: T.G.I.T.s (social events)
:: Intramurals
:: All Sports Day
:: Welcome Weekend (Fall new student welcome event)
:: Community service projects
:: Leadership development

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