Fellowship Program


Fellowships are available in Breast Imaging and Neuroradiology.


On-line evaluation of the fellow by the faculty would be performed every quarter. A procedure log for each trainee would be checked monthly.

A yearly summary evaluation of each trainee by the fellowship program director will be provided.

Quarterly evaluations of the faculty will be anonymously completed by the fellow.


The main hospital on campus has about 450 beds with accredited residency programs in Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Oncology, Neurology, ENT, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Family Medicine and other sub-specialty disciplines. Two new surgical towers are in the planning stages. The projected equipment on the main campus will include, as of 2011-12, three 1.5 T units, one 3 T unit (impending installation), 6 CT's (two 64 detectors and a 128 detector ( installation pending), two biplane angiography suites (installation pending of a new state of the art unit) and one CT/PET unit. This includes the latest high end MR and neuro/interventional angiography systems. Breast Imaging is equipped with state of the art film screen system and digital mammography units, ultrasonography and Mamotome Biopsy and Breast MRI.

There is one stand alone Diagnostic Imaging Center and an additional larger advanced imaging department as part of a 100,000 square foot Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC). These two sites are located off the island in Pearland and League City (Victory Lakes) that opened in 2010. They are located about halfway between Galveston Island and Houston. The equipment is state of the art with a new 3 T Siemens Verio, an open 1.5 Siemens Espree, a new 1.5 GE MRI, two 64 detector CT's (one dual energy), biplane Siemens and single plane angio suites, and a SPECT CT. A PET/CT unit will be added in two years, for use when the stand alone Oncology Center is finished.

UTMB's Department of Radiology is accredited by the American College of Radiology in: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI),
Computed Tomography (CT), Nuclear Medicine, and Ultrasound. It is also recognized as a Center of Excellence for Breast Imaging.