Current Residents & Fellows

First Year - PGY2


Bushey, Henry

Henrey Bushey MD

Jo, Nahyun

Nahyun Jo MD

Kabeel, Khalid

Khalid Kabeel MBBCH

McCarty, Brandon

Brandon McCarty MD
Interventional Radiology

Muneeb, Aeman

Aeman Muneeb MBBS

Shirazian, Hoda

Hoda Shirazian MD

Tran, Xuan

Xuan Tran MD

Second Year - PGY3


Al-Jabbari, Esraa

Esraa Al-JabariEsraa Al-Jabbari MD

Barghash, Maggie

Maggie Barghash
Maggie Barghash MBBCH

Bezold, Amy

Amy Bezold
Amy Bezold DO

Dawood, Lydia

Lydia Daywood
Lydia Dawood MBBCH

Edhayan, Gautam

Gautam Edhayan
Gautam Edhayan MD
Interventional Radiology

Khan, Hasan

Hasan Khan
Hasan Khan MBBS

Young, Peter

Peter Young
Peter Young MD

Zeinoddini, Atefeh

Atefeh Zeinoddini
Atefeh Zeinoddini MD

Third Year - PGY4

Fourth Year - PGY5

Fifth Year - PGY6


UTMB's Department of Radiology is accredited by the American College of Radiology in: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT), Nuclear Medicine, and Ultrasound. It is also recognized as a Center of Excellence for Breast Imaging.