Vascular and Interventional - Integrated Residency ProgramArya Bagherpour DO - Residency Program Director

Arya Bagherpour DO
Assistant Professor

Thank you for visiting our website! I hope you will find the information here helpful.  The Interventional Radiology section is approved for one IR-Integrated position and one IR-Independent position per year.

At UTMB, residents have robust and comprehensive experience in the field of vascular and interventional radiology. We strongly value close relationships with our patients and regularly collaborate in interdepartmental teams, which provides a diverse training experience. We emphasize the importance of long-term follow-up and see patients daily in the outpatient IR clinic. 

Trainees gain significant experience in a wide breadth of procedures, including both general and endovascular interventions (such as management of acute gastrointestinal bleeding, peripheral arterial disease, venous insufficiency, dialysis access, and pulmonary artery pathology). We have a strong working relationship with MD Anderson Cancer Center and perform numerous interventional oncology treatments (including percutaneous ablations, TACE, and Y-90 radioembolizations). Dr. Walser, our radiology department chair and interventional radiologist, is a renowned innovator in prostate cancer treatments. Additionally, UTMB is a transplant center that provides ample hepatobiliary experience, including TIPS procedures, BARTO's, and biliary stenting. Finally, our hospital is a comprehensive stroke center, with three designated Neuro-Interventional faculty. These procedures are performed in the IR suites, and our residents greatly benefit from this collaboration. Overall, each faculty brings a strong background in general IR, but we also bring our personal strengths and interests within the field. 

One of the things I love about being here is the cordial and respectful environment among staff, faculty, and residents. We support one another and work together as a team to provide excellent, compassionate, and cutting-edge patient care, all the while maintaining an emphasis on graduate medical education and professional development. Our faculty truly are passionate about the field of IR and come from training backgrounds across the country. Our diverse experiences bring unique skill-sets from all over the US, which I feel is a tremendous asset for all who train here.   

Overall, I feel that our IR residency is an outstanding program. We are constantly growing and striving to improve the resident's learning/training experience. It provides an excellent teaching environment for our trainees. Both diagnostic and interventional radiology residents are crucial members of our team. They quickly develop autonomy where hands-on teaching is strongly encouraged in a safe and supportive working environment.

Arya Bagherpour DO
Assistant Professor

Eric Bih – Class of 2019
"UTMB is an extraordinary institution to train at. The wide variety of pathology, the perfect balance of autonomy and mentoring, and the level-specific structured education make our program the perfect place a resident could ask for. We have strong camaraderie and that just makes going to work enjoyable. In addition to the cohesiveness among residents, we also enjoy going to happy hour and weekend gathering with our faculty, who are always friendly and approachable. I am very honored and grateful for the knowledge and experiences that UTMB Radiology has taught me!"
Nita Kommula – Class of 2020
"UTMB radiology residency was the perfect choice for me. In terms of my medical education, I am provided with diverse pathology through the level 1 trauma center, the TDC hospital, multiple hospital sites, and state of the art equipment. The faculty are warm, approachable, and very knowledgeable, often interacting on a first name basis. The resident education and experience have become a premier focus of the department and residents are frequently consulted on how to improve the program. I was also provided the unique opportunity to broaden my horizons in health policy and participate in state level activities through the Texas Medical Association and the Texas Radiological Society with the full support and funding of the department. Finally, living on an island for residency certainly helps relieve some of the stress of call!"
Tiffiny Hunsaker – Class of 2021
"The faculty at UTMB are wonderful! Each department has mentors who willfully sacrifice their time to teach us the necessary fundamentals to become great radiologists. It is rare to find a program that knows its residents individually, creates opportunity for unique interests, and helps you achieve personal goals. UTMB is a family friendly training program where colleagues are friends and its enjoyable to come to work."
Mohamed Elshikh – Class of 2022
"UTMB is a nice place to get trained in especially, in radiology. Being a level I trauma and a tertiary care facility provides our department with a huge variety of cases. In our program, we see all the common pathologies in addition to zebras. This will certainly provide you as a resident with a strong foundation for your future practice either in private or academics. Our fellowship placement also is great. Most of our graduates match to highly ranked fellowships programs. This is certainly is due to the quality of UTMB graduates. The other thing I like about our program is the autonomy we have as residents. I think it is very essential for every trainee to have some sort of a supervised autonomy because it is extremely crucial for our educational growth.Living in Galveston area is really fun. Within few minutes you can enjoy the beach and Texas sun (always there!). Within one hour drive, you will be in Houston and enjoy the huge variety of food restaurants and other activities."


UTMB's Department of Radiology is accredited by the American College of Radiology in: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT), Nuclear Medicine, and Ultrasound. It is also recognized as a Center of Excellence for Breast Imaging.