It’s a good time to move to a new career at UTMB Health. Great homes are affordable, rental properties are available, and life is good.

If your new job at UTMB Health involves a move to Texas from out of state—or a move within the state—you’re in luck. Texas is known for its open spaces and affordable homes and property. Choices abound in types of homes and neighborhoods to fit any lifestyle. Spacious new construction, historic homes, resort-style properties, traditional homes and neighborhoods, rural retreats and urban enclaves are all among choices available to UTMB employees.

Statewide, Texas largely avoided the housing collapse of a few years ago, in part due to a state law that limited home-equity borrowing and helped stem the impact of the national foreclosure crisis. In Texas, home prices on average only fell about 2.5 percent from a peak in 2007 to a trough in 2011, according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency, compared to ruinous drops in more speculative housing markets such as Florida, Nevada and California.

Contributing to the affordability of homes, mortgage rates are still at historically low levels. Texas is also benefiting from employment growth and an expanding population, which drives housing demand, growth and new construction. The state has several cities, including Houston—neighboring UTMB’s main campus—on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ list of best U.S. metropolitan areas for job growth.

A great job market in Texas benefits UTMB and its families: Available jobs keep housing affordable, and make it easier for spouses in dual-income families to find gainful employment. Texas is home to strong industries in health care, energy, technology, agriculture and food production, telecommunication, construction, aerospace and aviation, biotechnology, transportation and others.

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