Other Regions in Texas "Piney Woods to Texas Prairies"

Blue bonnets. Barbecue. Friday night lights. Skies full of stars, and space to feel free. While UTMB’s main campus is on Galveston Island, the university’s reach extends far across the state. Sure, we have more than 25,000 alumni and 4,500 physician alumni practicing medicine in Texas (the highest number from any Texas medical school). But UTMB also plays a hands-on role in health-related activities from the piney woods of East Texas to the citrus groves of South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley, and points as far north as bustling Dallas and beyond.

While these UTMB employees may be far flung, their work in educational outreach and clinical care is an integral part of our mission. The communities they live in are as varied as Texas is large. Often these are smaller communities steeped in history, with strong ties to the land and nature—great places to raise families. Or, they might be in the shadow of some of the nation's largest and most prosperous metropolitans, cities such as Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth, with all the opportunities and excitement that big cities offer, with a Texas twist.

Montgomery is just one of the great communities in Texas where UTMB employees who work away from the main campus live and play.

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Texas is a big state and schools come in every size and shape. Whether you have a family with school-age children, are a life-long learner interested in advanced education or seek to enhance your own credentials and professional training, the areas where UTMB families live, work and learn offer excellent educational opportunities. The links below offer detailed information about Texas school districts, including contact information, accountability data, financial data, demographic data and employment information.

District Directory (AskTED)
AskTED is an online directory of Texas schools, including charters. The directory primary is primarily used by people seeking contact information for schools, districts and education service centers.

District Locator
An interactive tool for mapping districts and regional boundaries and locating schools and districts in the state. It also provides school district data, including accountability ratings, enrollment and contact information.

Texas Public Education Information Resource (TPEIR)
TPEIR provides reports and data on Texas educational topics and trends.

Schools and Day Care Overview


Texas is known for its open spaces and affordable homes and property. Choices abound in types of homes and neighborhoods to fit any lifestyle. Spacious new construction, historic homes, resort-style properties, traditional homes and neighborhood, rentals, rural retreats and urban enclaves are all among choices available to UTMB employees.    

Check these leading online resources below for current information, including current listings for home sales and rentals, from around the state. Please read our disclaimer about the links below, and visit our links page for additional information and tools related to relocation.