David H. Walker, M.D.Welcome from the Chair

The Department of Pathology serves critically important roles in patient diagnosis, clinical assessment and treatment; in basic scientific investigation, applied and clinical research, and development; and in educating the next generation of physicians, experimental pathologists and practicing pathologists. Dedication to the accomplishment of these missions of service, research, and education requires a faculty that is cohesive, interactive, creative, scholarly, ethical and productive, appropriate support staff, space, equipment and supplies, and a vision of our goals.

The fundamental goal of our efforts is the alleviation of human suffering from disease. The most immediate impact of pathology on clinical disease is in providing specific diagnostic solutions to difficult problem cases: for example, by microscopic definition of the disease in a biopsy or cytologic preparation, microbiologic identification of the etiologic agent, cytogenetic analysis, or immunologic assay. Clinical patient care is critically dependent upon detecting changes in analytes ranging from blood counts and coagulation assays to chemical measurements of routine and esoteric endogenous and exogenous substances, and life-saving therapy is provided by the Blood Bank. A great impact on large numbers of people results from the generation of knowledge concerning disease mechanisms and responses to injury, and in solving clinical diagnostic problems and improving analytic methods and data utilization. Significant advances in biomedical knowledge not only allow earlier diagnosis and more effective treatment but also lead to the prevention of disease.

The most important and far-reaching effect of our efforts toward the alleviation of human suffering derives from our education of medical students, residents, fellows and graduate students who carry forward and improve our clinical, investigative, and educational missions into the 21st century.


David H. Walker, M.D.
Professor and Chairman, Department of Pathology;
Director, UTMB Center for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Disease;
Autopsy Attending Pathologist, Department of Pathology

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