Pathology Post Doctoral Program Directory

Huang KaiKai Huang, MD, PhD

Office: (409) 772-2831

Kai Huang, MD

    1. Non-neutralizing antibody protective mechanisms against filovirus;
    2. Role of complement in virus infection;
    3. Evolution and molecular epidemiology of RNA viruses;
    4. Interspecies transmission and pathogenesis of highly virulent viruses;
    5. Antibody engineering.
  • Dr. Kai Huang got his M.D. in 2002 from Guangxi Medical University and Ph.D. in 2012 from University of Hong Kong, which is the WHO reference laboratory for H5N1 influenza diagnosis and the State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases. He worked as a postdoctoral associate at Cornell University Veterinary School thereafter and now a senior postdoctoral fellow in University of Texas Medical Branch.
  • Awards/Honors/Grants

    1. Robert Harrison Award given by University of Texas Medical Branch (Department of Pathology), 2019
    2. Top 1% Reviewers for cross-field ( given by Publons, 2019
    3. Top 1% Reviewers for Clinical Medicine ( given by Publons, 2018
    4. Top 1% Reviewers for Molecular Biology & Genetics ( given by Publons, 2018
    5. Postdoctoral Fellow Training Award (Award # HHSN272201400008C) given by National Institute of Health Centers for Excellence in Influenza Research & Surveillance (CEIRS), 2015
    6. Postdoctoral Fellow Travel Award for ASV meeting given by American Society for Virology, 2014
    7. Travel Award given by University of Hong Kong for Zoonotic Influenza and Human Health Conference in Oxford University UK, 2011
    • American Society for Virology
    • American Society for Microbiology
    • American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
    • International Association of Veterinary Editors
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    Conferences & Presentations

    1. July 14-18, 2018, 37th Annual meeting of American Society of Virology, Maryland, USA  (Oral presentation)
    2. Jul 11-15, 2015, 34th Annual meeting of American Society of Virology, London ON, Canada (Oral presentation)
    3. Jun 21-25, 2014, 33rd Annual meeting of American Society of Virology, Colorado, USA (Poster presentation)
    4. Dec 9, 2011, Frontiers in BioMedical Research, Hong Kong
    5. Sep 7-9, 2011, The 4th Oxford influenza conference, Influenza 2011. Oxford University, United Kingdom. (Oral presentation)
    6. Dec 3, 2010, Frontiers in BioMedical Research, Hong Kong
    7. Dec 1-2, 2010, 15th Research Postgraduate Symposium, Hong Kong (Oral presentation)
    8. Oct 6, 2010, Area of Excellence, Control of Pandemic and Inter-Pandemic influenza, Hong Kong (Oral presentation)
    9. Sep 3-7, 2010, Options for the Control of Influenza VII, Hong Kong (Oral presentation)
    10. Dec 4, 2009, Frontiers in BioMedical Research, Hong Kong 
    11. Dec 12, 2008, Frontiers in BioMedical Research, Hong Kong 
    12. Dec 10-11, 2008, 13th Research Postgraduate Symposium, Hong Kong (Poster presentation)
    13. Dec 2007, Frontiers in BioMedical Research, Hong Kong

    GenBank Contribution

    Full genome - 467 viruses, Partial - 16 viruses

    GenBank Accession numbers: HM144388-HM145740, CY109223-CY110734, KM359803-KM359864

    Review & Editorial Experience