Departmental Contacts

DepartmentPhone No. (409)
Mail RouteLocationFax No. (409)
Pathology, Department of772-28566091.116, Keiller Bldg.772-2500
Michael Laposata, MD, PhD
772-39896091.116, Keiller Bldg.772-2500
Josanne E. Smathers, MBA, CMPE, Administrator  772-2009 6092.103 UHC Bldg.772-2500
Norma Hernandez
Assistant Administrator
747-06066091.116 Keiller Bldg.772-5311
Education772-28706091.104 Keiller Bldg.747-2400
Judith F. Aronson, MD
Vice Chair for Education
772-6547747509, Clinical Sciences Bldg.772-9350
Pathology Graduate Program772-25216092.138, Keiller Bldg.747-2455
Pathology Residency Program772-28706095.220, Mary Moody Northen Pavilion747-2400
Plastination Museum772-2871428505G, Clinical Science Bldg.747-2400
Research772-28566091.116 Keiller Bldg.772-2500
M. Firoze Khan, PhD
Vice Chair for Research
772-68814382.319, Mary Moody Northen Pavilion747-1763
Pathology Clinical Services772-12387435.120, McCullough Bldg.772-5683
Alexander J. Indrikovs, MD
Vice Chair for Pathology Clinical Services
and Lab Director
772-69657171.102, McCullough Bldg.772-3193
Craig Maschmann, MHA
Administrative Director
772-55497435.102 McCullough Bldg.772-5683
Anatomic Pathology747-29005495.200, John Sealy Annex747-0509
Timothy Allen, MD
Director of Anatomic Pathology
772-8075747520, Clinical Sciences Bldg.772-9350
Autopsy Services772-2858747509, Clinical Sciences Bldg.772-9350
Judith F. Aronson, MD
772-6547747509, Clinical Sciences Bldg.772-3950
Blood Bank772-15247171.102, McCulloug Bldg.772-3193
Alexander J. Indrikovs, MD, MBA
772-55497435.102 McCullough Bldg.772-3193
Clinical Chemistry772-31975515.158, John Sealy Annex772-9231
Anthony Okorodudu, PhD
772-31975515.158, John Sealy Hospital772-9231
Clinical Microbiology772-11257405.114, McCullough Bldg.772-5683
Michael Loeffelholz, PhD
747-24847405.114, McCullough Bldg.772-5683
Cytopathology772-28725489.300, John Sealy Annex772-8437
Ranjana Nawgiri, MD
772-66555489.306, John Sealy Annex772-8437
Hematopathology772-33147415.152, McCulloug Bldg.747-0628
You-Wen Qian, MD, PhD
772-28467415.152, McCullough Bldg.747-0628
Laboratory Information Services772-72205555.208, John Sealy Annex772-9671
You-Wen Qian, MD, PhD
747-28467415.152, McCullough Bldg.772-0628
Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory772-41977435.190, John Sealy Annex772-5683
Jianli Dong, MD, PhD
772-48667435.202, John Sealy Annex772-5683
Outreach/Client Services747-29005495.200, John Sealy Annex747-0509
Anthony O. Okorodudu, PhD
772-31975515.158, John Sealy Annex772-9231
Point of Care Testing    
John R. Petersen, PhD
772-13505515.156, John Sealy Annex772-9245
Sample Management772-33027435.200, John Sealy Annex772-9231
Anthony Okorodudu, PhD
772-31975515.158, John Sealy Annex.772-9231
Surgical Pathology772-28535882.180, John Sealy Annex747-0060
Mahmoud Eltorky, MD, PhD
772-06145882.180 John Sealy Annex747-0060
Surgical Pathology Gross Room772-28555882.186, John Sealy Annex747-0060
Histopathology747-0735644539, Basic Sciences Bldg. 747-0725
Neuropathology772-2418750503, Clinical Sciences Bldg.772-2415
Gerald Campbell, MD, PhD772-2413750503B, Clinical Sciences Bldg.772-2412
Benjamin Gelman, MD, PhD772-53166093.118, Keiller Bldg.772-5220
Tissue Antigen747-95503573.350J, Children's Hospital747-9555
Smita Vaidya, PhD
747-95501782.810, Rebecca Sealy Hospital747-9555

Victory Lakes Laboratory

John R. Peterson, PhD
772-13505515.156 John Sealy Annex772-9231
Clinical Laboratory755-110612102.204, VL Specialty Care Center281-309-0430
Frozen Section Laboratory755-132112101.302, VL Specialty Care Center281-309-0430
For clinic numbers and information, please call: (409) 772-2222, toll-free (800) 772-2222.