Experimental Pathology Graduate Program

Course of Study for the Experimental Pathology Graduate Program

Key: I = Fall;   II = Spring;   III = Summer;   A = Annual;   B = Biennial.

BBSC Core Courses-Year 1Course DirectorCourse NumberTerm/Year
BiochemistrySmithBBSC 6303I/A
Small Sampling of Big Data
JupiterBBSC 6130III/A
Cell BiologyOberhauserBBSC 6302II/A
Responsible Conduct in Biomedical ResearchToliver-KinskyBBSC 6129I, II, III/A
Molecular Biology & GeneticsBouyer/BeasleyBBSC 6224I/A
BiostatisticsTBABBSC 6222II/A
Laboratory RotationsToliver-KinskyBBSC 6043I, II, III/A
Experimental Path Program-Year 1Course DirectorCourse NumberTerm/Year
Frontiers of Infectious DiseasesMcBridePATH 6145I, II/A
Functional Histology and PathobiologyOlanoPATH 6436II/A
Program Electives (3 cr)   
Experimental Path Program-Year 2Course DirectorCourse NumberTerm/Year
Intro to Competitive Grant WritingRossi/CisnerosPATH 6279I/A
ExPath Trainee Work in ProgressPATH Faculty
Research in PathologyMcBridePATH 6097I,II,III/A
Infectious DiseasesMcBridePATH 6145I or II/A
Program Electives (3 cr)   
Program ElectivesCourse DirectorCourse NumberTerm/Year
Introduction to VaccinologyMilligan/BournePATH 6161I/A
General VirologyBenteMICR 6403I/A
Tropical Infectious Diseases and BiodefenseMelby/TraviPATH 6318II/B
Advanced ImmunologyEndsley/MilliganMICR 6408I/A
Biology of Arthropod Dis VectorsVasilakis/BouyerPATH 6112III/B
Fundamentals of InflammationReyes/Midori-Horiuti/INTD 6210III/A
Vaccine Development PathwayBourne/MilliganINTD 6219III/A
Cellular & Molecular Mechanisms in Health & Disease Singh/VargasCELL 6401III/A
Pathogenic BacteriologyTorres/MotinMICR 6315III/A
Clinical Microbiology PracticumWilliams-BouyerPATH 6123I,II,III/A
Research RotationsMcBride PATH 6012I,II,III/A
ThesisMcBridePATH 6098I,II,III/A
DissertationMcBridePATH 6099I,II,III/A
Seminar in PathologyMcBridePATH 6195I,II,III/A
Special TopicsMcBridePATH 6000I,II,III/A