Research Request Submission to the Anatomic Pathology Laboratory

What We Offer

Tissue must arrive in cassettes placed in 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin. We offer Embedding, Cutting, H&E, Special Stains (AFB, Congo Red, Geimsa, GMS, Gram, Iron, Masson's Trichrome, Mucicarmine, Jones (PAM), PAS with or without digestion, Reticulin, Steiner, and Verhoeff's Elastic)

Drop-Off Location

CSW 4.610 (Anatomic Pathology window).This window is located on the north side before entering the operating suite of Jennie Sealy


Each research project will be assigned a ISC # and processed as one payment. Price list is available upon request. The top portion of the Research Request must be complete upon submission

Immunohistochemistry Studies

Please Contact:
MDA Cancer Center
Jackie Furr
(713) 792-3119 or


Please send to

You can also call the laboratory at (409) 772-2868. If you have a special project that needs to be discussed prior to drop-off, please work with the laboratory supervisor, Mohd Alfaraj to plan time to meet.