Clinical Pathology

Division of Clinical Microbiology

The Division of Clinical Microbiology is staffed with 19 FTEs who perform over 400,000 tests annually. Our Division consists of six sections or subspecialties: bacteriology, immunology, mycobacteriology, mycology, parasitology, and virology. Most sections provide services 7 days a week. Critical services are provided 24 hours a day Monday through Friday, two shifts on weekends, with 24/7 backup coverage for gram stains of sterile fluids. Testing capabilities in the Clinical Microbiology Division include a variety of stain methods, experience in microscopic morphologic identification, and phenotypic and genotypic identification methods. State-of-the-art, automated instrumentation is used for identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing of bacteria and fungi, serologic assays, and nucleic acid amplification methods such as reverse-transcription PCR and strand-displacement amplification.

Two doctorate level faculty members, Dr. Mike Loeffelholz and Dr. Natalie Williams-Bouyer are on call 24/7 and provide technical, clinical, and administrative oversight of the Division. In addition, Division faculty are actively engaged in various research activities, often in collaboration with faculty from other UTMB departments, as well as outside institutions.

Mike Loeffelholz, PhD, ABMMMike Loeffelholz, PhD, ABMM

Associate Professor, Department of Pathology
Director, Clinical Microbiology Division

Office: (409) 747-2484
Fax: (409) 772-5683

Natalie Williams-Bouyer, PhDNatalie Williams-Bouyer, PhD

Assistant Director, Division of Clinical Microbiology, Department of Pathology
Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology

Office: (409) 747-0603
Fax: (409) 772-5683