About Us

The Institute for Translational Sciences (ITS) aims to train a new generation of clinical and translational researchers, engage stakeholders and communities in research, address barriers to clinical and translational research, and advance translational research through team-based approaches. The ITS, established in 2007, is the academic home of UTMB’s Clinical Translational Sciences Award (CTSA), funded by the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS). CTSA institutions work together to speed the translation of research discoveries into improved health. 

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Our Mission

The ITS is the academic home for translational research at UTMB. Translational research is the application and refinement of a discovery or practice intervention into clinical practice to improve the health of our community.
We develop, evaluate and disseminate best practices for novel training and leadership programs in
translational science.




  • HPTM 6284: Introduction to Big Data Visual Analytics

    Date/Time: - , 2020
    Through a required project, students will have the opportunity to integrate their theoretical and practical knowledge of big data visual analytics to analyze, comprehend, and present complex patterns in a large biomedical dataset.
  • TRCC (Texas Regional CTSA Consortium) Quantitative Seminar Series

    Date/Time: , 2020 - -
    TRCC (Texas Regional CTSA Consortium) Quantitative Seminar Series “Evaluating Community-Based Translational Interventions Using Historical Controls: Propensity Score vs. Disease Risk Score Approach”. This seminar contributes to achieving one or more of the CTSA core competencies in the category of Statistical Approaches.