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About the Informatics Resource

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ITS Informatics Service Center

The goal of the Institute for Translational Sciences Informatics Resource is to expand knowledge discovery from data derived from public health, clinical and basic science research. The Institute for Translational Sciences will provide concierge service as well as the resources and infrastructure to support informatics projects at UTMB and with our collaborative partners. Our faculty have expertise in bioinformatics (e.g. Next Generation Sequencing) and health informatics (including extraction of data from the UTMB Electronic Medical Record) with applications across the translational spectrum. 

For the best service possible, we recommend contacting us during the study design phase.  You can submit a request for services at or by sending an email to the ITS Informatics Resource.  We are happy to discuss your potential projects and your informatics needs at any time. Below is a sample of services that we can provide to you.

  • NGS processing (also other platforms: microarray, proteomics)
  • Developing and maintaining analysis pipelines for translational or basic research
  • Functional analysis of NGS results and other datasets
  • Cross-platform integration
    • Integration of SNP / polymorphism data
    • Integration with new genomics tools (epigenetics, chromatin structure)
    • Identification of relevant data in public repositories
    • Normalization of diverse datasets
    • Data formatting and updates (liftOver and similar to relate new to existing results)
  • Quantitative model building /  Advanced statistical analysis of data
  • Significance testing through randomization / numerical simulations
  • Data-driven generation and assessment of hypotheses
  • Preparing methods section for publications
  • Data formatting, filtering, preparing tables, graphs, illustrations
  • Computational assistance with experimental design
    • sequence retrieval
    • automation / primer design / etc
  • Ingenuity Pathways Analysis (IPA)
  • Clinical Trial feasibility studies
  • EMR data for retrospective studies and clinical trials
  • Clinical data capture/forms (REDCap)
  • UTMB Discover application
  • Bio-banking platform to collect, store, process, annotate and distribute bio-specimens
  • Front-end web design and maintenance using Sitefinity and other tools
  • Visual Analytics: identification of patterns in large datasets
  • Machine learning: developing models
  • Database design and hosting
  • Grant Preparation (data processing / data dissemination consulting and narratives)


  • Informatics-related courses
  • Workshops
  • Customized training of staff / students
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