Areas of Expertise

Studio Assistance Infographic

Our areas of expertise include:

Clinical Trials Studio

  • Building Strong Translational Research Skills & Teams
    • Training and mentoring the clinical trials workforce
    • Identifying collaborators
    • Enhancing grant applications
  • Completing Regulatory Requirements
    • Creating informed consent forms
    • Assistance with IRB applications
    • Applying for INDs and IDEs
    • Registering in
  • Utilizing NCATS, UT System, & ITS Resources
    • NCATS's Trial Innovation Network - A collaborative initiative aiming to address critical roadblocks in clinical trials and to accelerate the translation of novel interventions into life-saving therapies. The network focuses on operational innovation, operational excellence and collaboration while leveraging the broad expertise and reach of the CTSA Program. Its features include: a single institutional review board system, master contracting agreements, quality-by-design approaches, and a focus on evidence-based strategies to recruitment and patient engagement.
    • UT System's Clinical Trial Express - An initiative established to provide an efficient and scalable centralized operating model for launching and conducting multi-site clinical trials.
    • ITS's Clinical Research Center - A physical facility on the UTMB campus that provides comprehensive clinical research services and expertise, an optimal setting for controlled studies by translational and clinical investigators, and cost-effective state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and instruments
  • Creating & Managing Clinical Trials
    • Designing rigorous studies
    • Developing biostatistics
    • Designing research protocols
    • Utilizing biomedical informatics
    • Forming recruitment and retention plans
    • Conducting multi-site clinical trials
    • Adhering to research ethics
    • Integrating special populations
    • Engaging communities
    • Communicating results