Innovations in Team Science

Team science efforts are collectives of scientists who collaborate, typically across disciplines (multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary) to research a particular research question.

The Science of Team Science is the systematic study of the antecedents, processes, and contextual influences that might impact team science.

At UTMB, the ITS focuses on applying best practices developed by the Science of Team Science to support Multidisciplinary Translational Teams (MTTs) toward the common goal of conducting more effective translation. MTTs are a hybrid academic-industry model that consist of a group of interdisciplinary scientists who develop a specific translational product (drug, device, or intervention) that applies to a clinical outcome. Working on a specific translational project involving human subjects research, MTTs produce new knowledge, enhance their capacity, and focus on training the next generation of researchers. 

To advance the application of MTTs to translational science, we have developed toolkits and educational programs in team science. The ITS is the first institution to advance a competency model for team science leadership through our leadership academy, and we have established a community of practice to develop team leadership.

In supporting MTTs, the ITS developed an evaluation model for assessing their progress in their translation and growth of their individual capacities. Our evaluation program has documented the growth of MTTs and their innovation by publications in new scientific fields, a hallmark of interdisciplinarity. Specific examples of UTMB CTSA MTTs along with their translational projects and funding opportunities are available.