Special Populations Coordinating Center


Integrating Special Populations in Clinical and Translational Research

Mission or Goal:
The mission of the Special Population Coordinating Center (SPCC) is to increase participation of special populations in clinical and translational research. The SPCC addresses the “clinical trials participation gap”, which refers to the refers to the significant differences in sex, race, and socioeconomic status between clinical trials participants and the US population.  The UTMB SPCC specifically addresses the need to increase participation in clinical trials of expecting mothers and their babies, children, older adults, and underserved populations.

Hub Liaison Team

Special Populations Coordinating Center

  • Roberto Garofalo, MD
    Roberto_Garofalo Position
    Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Dept. Pediatrics

    Hub Role & Responsibilities
    Expert in Pediatric Trials. Identifies barriers and opportunities for the participation of children in clinical trials. Responsible for identifying PIs and supporting the implementation of pediatric trials.

    Bio: https://researchexperts.utmb.edu/en/persons/roberto-garofalo

    Email: rpgarofa@utmb.edu
  • Lisa Hernandez Garcia
    Research Operations Manager

    Hub Role & Responsibilities
    Research Navigator. Responsible for assisting investigators in the utilization of Hub resources to facilitate participation of special populations in clinical trials.

    Email: lghernan@utmb.edu


Roberto Garofalo, MD
Expert in Pediatric Trials

Lisa Hernandez Garcia
Research Navigator