Network Capacity



Links the UTMB CTSA Hub with the greater CTSA Network.

Mission or Goal

The mission of the Network Capacity core of the UTMB CTSA is to support network-wide clinical trials, studies, and activities by linking our Hub with the Trial Innovation Network (TIN) and the CTSA Program Central Resources, including the Center for Leading Innovation and Collaboration (CLIC) and the Clinical Data to Health Coordinating Center (CD2H-CC).

The Network Capacity Specific Aims are

  1. Improve access, rapidly respond to, and support CTSA Network TIN studies.  
  2. Support and link the CTSA Program Central Resources with the UTMB Hub.
  3. Disseminate Team Science training to the CTSA Network.

The Network Capacity core Hub Liaison Team is committed to provide a nurturing environment to conduct high quality, efficient, and regulation-compliant multisite clinical trials in our areas of unique strength. We continue to expand and enhance the clinical research and informatics infrastructure to provide more opportunities for our investigators to participate in TIN multi-site clinical trials and CLIC and CD2H-CC initiatives. We will also support the local development of multisite studies to propose for dissemination by the TIN and dissemination of our Team Science training programs and Informatics discoveries.

Hub Liaison Team

Network Capacity

Contact Us

Lori Simon
Program Manager and OCR Director

B. Montgomery Pettitt, PhD
Informatics Liaison

Kevin Wooten, PhD
Team Science Education Liaison