T1-T4 in 3 Minutes

Sharon & Guillermo
A direct display of the importance of having these types of events in the Institute for Translational Sciences is the influence it had on one of the competitors, Dr. Guillermo Foncerrada: after winning first place in the 2016 T1 - T4 in 3 Competition, Dr. Foncerrada went on to participate as a speaker at a SCI Café event and is now a Bench Tutorial Program mentor. 

T1-T4 refers to stages in translational research: T1 is basic translation of basic science research to its immediate implications, while T4 is the implementation of science that ultimately leads to clinical practices.

In March 2016, the Institute for Translational Sciences at UTMB held a competition known as “T1-T4 in 3,” where translational sciences students and fellows described their entire research project in three minutes or less. This idea was derived by the Director of the ITS Community Outreach and Engagement Core, Dr. Sharon Croisant, PhD, who modified a competition that started in Queensland and is now an international competition known as the three-minute thesis (3MT).  

About 30 applicants applied to be part of the inaugural T1-T4 in 3 Competition by submitting an abstract of their research project. From this initial group of applicants, judges chose 12 applicants to compete. Below are the competition winners:

  • First place award - Dr. Guillermo Foncerrada’s work on the differences between electrical burns and flame burns in children.
  • Second place award - Maria Swartz's work on rehabilitation.
  • Third place award - Jose Aguirre’s work in internal medicine.
  • "People’s Choice" award - Jourdan Andersson’s work in the Institute for Translational Sciences.