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Team Science Affinity Workgroup

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The Team Science Affinity Workgroup (TSAG) was created from CTSA members interested in Team Science who met as a group, in person, at the 2018 Science of Team Science Annual Meeting (SciTS) held in Galveston, Texas. There was strong interest in enhancing collaboration among CTSAs as well as sharing their collective team science expertise and resources, especially around common interests and needs concerning the application of Team Science at CTSA institutions.

The workgroup’s first planning meeting narrowed the specific efforts of the team and prioritized their work. Three areas were identified for the group’s focus: 1) team science competencies; 2) Proof of concept pilot to show successes and evidence; and 3) promotion and tenure models and policies.

Currently, the workgroup’s focus and effort is on mapping Translational Workforce competencies, TL1 and KL2 competencies, and CTSA Team Science competencies. These will be built out using research that demonstrates importance of the competency and providing clear definitions of the identified competencies, as well as defining levels of proficiency and method of determining proficiency. The group will then provide supporting tools as well as the training and research needed for each competency.

The UTMB CTSA is leading the efforts of the TSAG and is committed to the success of their work, fostering collaborations amongst CTSA institutions, and effecting positive change on Team Science within the CTSA framework.