New Team Orientation and Onboarding

Newly awarded Multidisciplinary Translational Teams participate in a three-session Orientation and Onboarding process that will provide information on the ITS/CTSA team philosophy, basic design factors for an MTT, and ITS resources that are available to them. Each team will also learn the expectations for their MTT, including meetings, development planning, progress reporting, and ongoing training opportunities. The first two sessions are attended by all teams as a group and the third is separate for each individual MTT.

Session 1: Overview of ITS/CTSA MTT Philosophy and Experience


  • Share history of developing scientific teams and scientists
  • Inform about expectations
  • Describe resources available
  • Foster dialogue concerning needs
  • Action plan for the future

Session 2: Team Processes


  • Describe various models of team structure and process applied to team science
  • Review collaboration processes and best practices for MTTs
  • Examine typical problems and opportunities experienced at various stages of evolution
  • Propose numerous team launch strategies

Session 3: Visioning, Collaboration, and Action/Development Planning


  • Presentation and refinement of team vision, goals, and milestones
  • Engage in a collaboration exercise and reflect upon implications
  • Conduct a team diagnosis and action plan
  • Initiate Team Development Planner