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TeamMAPPS:  TeamMethods to Advance Procedures and Performance in Science

TeamMAPPS is a highly specific competency model for team science which addresses known issues in team science; is evidence based; and describes needed behaviors.

We developed the model on the basis of previously developed competencies and team models and its applicability to team science and the scientific enterprise.

  • To develop your diagnostic abilities to detect the appropriateness of certain behavioral skills important to leading and participating in scientific teams
  • To refine your specific skills to:
    • Facilitate awareness and exchange
    • Promote psychological safety within or across teams
    • Promote team self-correction
  • To increase your confidence in addressing the challenges, issues, and opportunities inherent in the conduct of team science


Based on a comprehensive literature review of existing evidence, TeamMAPPS is comprised of three broad “competency sets.”

TeamMAPPS Model

Components of the Model

Awareness & Exchange:

A set of competencies relating to the facilitation of team members’ perspective seeking, reframing and integrating alternative cognitive views

Psychological Safety:

A set of competencies that provide team members a safe environment, including participant acknowledgement, issue identification, and conflict resolution


A set of competencies that result in team members being able to extend challenges, monitor the team, and improve its performance over time


TeamMAPPS Competencies