Mentoring Program

Our  residents have multiple mentorship opportunities during residency.  First-year categorical residents are assigned a senior resident mentor based off personal interests and Mentoring Programprofessional goals early in their first year. This peer mentee helps with career development and transition into the UTMB family/Galveston island. Throughout the academic year, small events are to be held for mentors and mentees to interact.

Formal mentorship occurs early during training.  Residents are assigned to either the program director or an associate program director who will serve as their faculty mentor for the duration of residency.  This mentor meets with the resident every 3-6 months for performance reviews and career mentoring. The semiannual review focused on wellness, clinical performance, scholarship and personal career goals. 

Finally, those resident pursuing a subspecialty often seek out a subspecialty mentor.  This person facilitates scholarship and ensures the residents are prepared to be successful in the fellowship match.   

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