UTMB Internal Medicine residency has multiple approaches to trainee wellness.

Lecture Series

Formally, we offer a series of lectures regarding wellbeing, resilience, personal development, and leadership development throughout the academic year.  

One of the favorites among the residents is the Time Management workshop where Dr. Sonstein and Dr. Hommel share their polar opposite approaches to being super-efficient at work and in life in general.

Emotional Wellness

Mental and emotional wellbeing is promoted through our formal wellness curriculum along with debriefing and meditation sessions.  UTMB residents are also able to seek formal confidential counseling without cost through the University of Texas Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is encouraged through reduced cost membership at the UTMB fitness center.  Furthermore, the program has coordinated team workout challenges to spur friendly workout competitions.

Throughout the year, we also have candy, coffee, and ice cream carts for the residents to enjoy some snacks during the workday.

Building a Community

Social events are also a key component of resident well-being.  Our program sponsors an annual intern welcome party, Halloween festivities, thanksgiving meal, holiday party with a white elephant gift exchange, valentines bake off, mardi gras parade viewing, resident appreciation week, and graduation for all residents and their families to attend!

We also put together a yearly dance video. Check out the latest below:

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