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Conferences/Resident Teaching

Morning Report:

Case-base conferences with emphasis on diagnostic reasoning, physical exam skills, high value care, and pathophysiology

Noon Conference:

Core Internal Medicine Lectures based on the ABIM blueprint for Board Preparation and resident learning

Pre-clinic conference:

Outpatient Medicine lectures covering common clinic complaints, health prevention and health promotion

Journal Club:

We have a monthly Journal Club that answers a clinical question and is led by our residents

Resident Morbidity and Mortality Sessions:

Our PGY-3s get the opportunity to lead our discussion in a moderated  Morbidity and Mortality case in a private environment that promotes patient safety and resident development

Podcast Curriculum:

We offer a monthly playlist of suggested Medical Podcast episodes related to our topics covered each month

Resident Talk:

Short presentations by our PGY-3s on diverse topics in Medicine.

Moody Medical Library Resources:

Our medical library offers a variety of databases , online journals, and eBooks that every resident can access for free. These include UpToDate, Access Medicine, Clinical Key, Harrison’s Online, Micromedex, NEJM, JAMA, The Lance, and much more.

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