Primary Care

ClinicOur goal at UTMB is to prepare our residents for any career path that they may choose.  We ensure that every resident gets an excellent continuity clinic/ambulatory experience and we support any resident pursuing a career in primary care.

For those pursuing a career in primary care, we have a robust ambulatory experience. Each continuity clinic begins with a pre-clinic lecture on core topics in Primary Care. Upper level residents will see an average of 5-6 patients per half day clinic, and interns will see an average of 3-4 patients per half-clinic day in one of their assigned team clinics.

We have 3 locations for our continuity clinic: Primary Care Pavilion, Victory Lakes Multispecialty clinic, and Coastal Health and Wellness, our county safety net clinic. The clinics are supported by registered nurses, healthcare technicians, and social worker. Each site has in-house phlebotomy lab and plain film radiology. Our residents are also able to rotate or volunteer at the local student run clinic, St. Vincent’s, which serves Galveston County’s uninsured population as well as other mobile clinics throughout the County.

Additionally, our program allows residents to rotate through non-IM specialties such as Dermatology, Ob/Gyn, and ENT to enhance their primary care knowledge base.

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