The UTMB Internal Medicine Residency Research Curriculum covers core concepts and essential skills via lectures, modules, and online resources. The self-paced content is not comprehensive or intended to substitute for formal graduate research training. Topics covered in the curriculum are:

  • Research studies and design
  • Levels and quality of evidence
  • Critical appraisal of research literature
  • Data collection and statistical analysis
  • How to use Medline, Pubmed, NCBI and the NLM
  • How to collect and catalog literature references for publication
  • How to conduct retrospective case series, meta-analyses, systematic reviews, database and outcomes research.
  • How to write literature review
  • Slicer dicer 101
  • QI scholarship

Check out these free online resources to assist you on your research journey

The UTMB Internal Medicine residency program is the ideal environment to train the highly skilled clinical investigators of tomorrow. Research projects are plentiful on the UTMB campus among a variety of departments. To foster research efforts, residents can dedicate elective rotations towards their research, free from clinical duties.

As a direct result, our residents have been able to present their efforts at various international, national, or regional conferences. Our residents have presented at all major conferences, such as Regional, State, and National ACP, ASCO, AACE, ACC, DDW, and AGS. UTMB Internal Medicine provides some financial assistance towards resident travel to make these trips feasible.

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