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UTMB is a large academic institution made up of five hospitals.  Our primary training sites for the residency program take place in Jennie Sealy Hospital as well as the Texas Department of Criminal Justice hospital (TDCJ).This mix exposes residents to all disease processes, from the common presentations of "bread and butter" Internal Medicine to the uncommon presentations of rare "zebra" illnesses.  These hospitals are conveniently located on the same campus, connected via an interior tunnel, utilizing the same electronic medical records system.

Jennie Sealy Hospital is a brand-new hospital which was completed in 2016.  It is a 310-bed hospital, with 60 total ICU beds and 16 physician work rooms. It has state-of-the-art operating rooms and panoramic gulf views.

Jennie Sealy offers a wide variety of patients and is a tertiary referral center for UTMB’s community campuses. (Angleton-Danbury, League City Hospital, Clear Lake Campus and MDACC collaboration). This hospital draws patients from Galveston and Brazoria counties as well as surrounding counties near the Texas -Louisiana border and south west toward the Texas Rio Grande Valley.

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In Jennie Sealy hospital we have developed a team/firm system.  This system was created in 2014 to promote patient-centered care. This model was intended to create a structure with fewer transitions of care, particularly between the outpatient and inpatient setting. The model led to the creation of three general internal medicine teams - Daniels, Powell, Remmers (each named after memorable UTMB physicians). Each team is comprised of designated residents and faculty that cover both inpatient wards and outpatient continuity clinics. Furthermore, each team has a designated wing in Jennie Sealy to promote geo-localization of the Internal Medicine teams. All inpatient teams admit patients daily (as designated by the patient's PCP). With this system, residents have no "call" or "post-call" days. The goal is to provide high quality care, improve patient satisfaction, and ensure continuity of care.

The Alperin team was created to provide care for patients that are new to UTMB Internal Medicine. Under this team, the residents are primarily responsible for the care of these patients to create a "hospitalist-like" training experience under the supervision of experienced faculty.

TDCJTexas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ Hospital) is a 110-bed correctional care facility dedicated to providing medical care to state inmates across Texas. The UTMB-TDCJ Hospital remains the first and only hospital specializing in offender care on the campus of a major medical center and teaching institution. The UTMB-TDCJ Hospital provides a complete range of inpatient and outpatient services within the confines of a secured environment, which is staffed by Texas Department of Criminal Justice Institutional Division officers.

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