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Conferences/Resident Teaching


We have a robust and immersive curriculum designed to assist with daily learning for our residents. Every morning we have case-based conferences led by our senior residents. They are interactive, with emphasis on diagnostic reasoning, physical exam skills, and pathophysiology. This provides real world examples to help teach high-yield topics. Every afternoon we have lectures based on the ABIM blueprint for Internal Medicine board preparation given by faculty. Besides teaching what will be on the board exam, noon conferences cover a wide variety of topics including wellness and how to hone your skills as a resident to become a mentor and teacher.

Additionally, our PGY-3’s all give a morning report on a topic of their choosing. They meet with an APD mentor to help guide them on the development and execution of a professional presentation. Through these resident talks, we have all learned about many diverse topics such as travel/wilderness medicine, wound care, nutrition, and more!

Journal Club/Morbidity & Mortality

Once a month we have journal club and morbidity and mortality sessions. Journal club is resident run and is designed to answer a clinical question. Each journal club features a team competition to determine which team best answers the clinical question. It is facilitated by a faculty member who is an expert in the subject area. They give the residents real time feedback on study designs, statistical analysis, and interpretation of primary literature. 

Morbidity and mortality conferences are given by our PGY-3 residents in conjunction with program leadership. This is done in a private environment that promotes hospital/policy change that promotes patient safety and resident development.

Clinic Curriculum

Prior to every clinic session there is a pre-clinic conference also based on the ABIM blueprint that highlights common outpatient complaints and health promotion topics. These are updated yearly to teach the newest guidelines for outpatient care.

Podcast Curriculum & Online Resources

Other resources available to our residents include our Podcast curriculum, which consists of a playlist that mirrors the topics discussed in that month’s noon conference lectures. The monthly playlist is curated by current residents as they select podcasts from the top IM podcast series. Check out the UTMB Internal Medicine Residency's Podcast Playlists .