Hospitalist Medicine


Our goal at UTMB is to prepare our residents for any career path that they may choose. A very common career choice post-graduation is hospitalist medicine. Each year approx. 30% of our residents choose a career in Hospitalist Medicine. In addition to robust ICU and ward experiences at our primary clinical training sites, we support a career path in Hospitalist Medicine by:

  • Alperin Team rotation: a GIM wards which objective is to give PGY-3s the opportunity to experience what is it to be “attending” on wards and to give insight to the hospitalist experience.
  • Elective experience at UTMB Angleton-Danbury campus: this is a 30 bed community hospital. Residents interested in hospitalist medicine can rotate with the hospitalists to learn first hand what it is like to be a private hospitalist.
  • We have a point of care ultrasound curriculum and provide Butterfly IQ handheld ultrasounds for all ward and MICU teams to use.
  • Hands-on training simulations on central line placements, paracentesis and lumbar puncture.

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