ITS Health Informatics - Open Specimen Training

Documents & Videos

This webpage is a step by step process for training in the use of Open Specimen. The order of the topics below are significant as they represent the typical workflow in the application. You may not need to use all of the topics below, but you may use this document for reference when needed.

Protocol Review / Video (Collecting requirements for a new protocol for use in Open Specimen)
Protocol Review Template (a template to help you gather protocol information for Open Specimen, may not open in older versions of Internet Explorer)
Institute and User Review (Setup by system administrator)

Preparing Open Specimen for the selected protocol (setup & configuration)
Configuring a Collection Protocol
Configuring Collection Protocol Settings Includes: Auto generated labeling and manual labeling
Configuring Consent Tracking
Configuring Events
Configuring Specimen Requirements
Configuring Aliquots
Configuring Derivatives
Configuring a Distribution Protocol
Allocating Freezer Box Space

Data Entry
Registering Participants
Entering Consents
Recording a Participants Visit (no specimens collected)

Data Entry - Collecting Participant Specimens (planned, unplanned specimens, derivatives and aliquots)
Planned Specimens
Unplanned Specimens
Creating Derivatives
Creating Aliquots

Importing Data
Participant Registrations
Specimen Derivatives
Specimen Aliquots
Master Specimens

Specimen Cart
Distributing Specimens
Shipping and Tracking

Transfer Specimens