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Juan P. Olano, MDProfessor with Tenure

Department of Pathology
Director, Pathology Residency Training Program
Associate Director, Autopsy Division
Member, Center for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases
Phone: (409) 772-2870
Email: jolano@utmb.edu

Juan P. Olano, MD

  • Rickettsial and Ehrlichial pathogenesis.
  • Development of new diagnostic methods for rickettsioses.
  • Microvascular permeability in acute viral and intracellular bacterial infections.
  • Animal model development for ehrlichial and rickettsial pathogens.
MD University of Cauca, Colombia Medicine 1987
Resident University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Program 1992-1997
Chief Resident Pathology Residency Program, UTMB Pathology 1996-1997
Post-Doctoral Fellow Clinical Microbiology and Experimental Pathology, Center for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases, World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Tropical Diseases, UTMB   1997-1999
Board Certification Diplomate of the American Board of Pathology
Board certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
2011 Paul Brindley Distinguished Scholar. UTMB
2011 George Dock Distinguished Professorship in Pathology
2007 Excellence in Teaching Award. UTMB Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.
2007-2011 America’s Top Pathologists.
2006-2011 America’s Top Doctors.
2002 Commendation for excellence in laboratory instruction in the Pathobiology and host defense course
1999 UTMB Hospitals. Outstanding Resident/Fellow Award
1999 James W. McLaughlin Travel Award, UTMB.
1997, 1998 Pathology Resident Research Honorable mention, Pathology Trainee Research Session, UTMB, Galveston, TX.
1993, 1997 Excellence in Research Postgraduate Award, UTMB.
1996-1997 Excellence in Pathology Patient Services, UTMB
1995, 1997 Competitive George Dock Scholarship Postgraduate Grant, UTMB.
1987 Medical School: Cum Laude graduate, University of Cauca, Popayan, Colombia

Professional Affiliations

1992-Present Texas Society of Pathology
2001-Present American Society for Rickettsiology
2001-Present Binford-Dammin Society of Infectious Disease Pathologists
2002-Present American Society for Investigative Pathology
2004-Present United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology
2008-Present American Society for Microcirculation

Grant Support


2012-2014 Co-Investigator (1% effort). Network Analysis of Cytokine Co-occurrence across Rickettsioses Patients. Institute for Human Infections and Immunity Pilot Grant. University of Texas Medical Branch. Galveston. Total award, direct cost: $100,000
2009-2014 Co-Investigator. 10% effort. Towards the development of a syndrome specific diagnostic tool. Western Regional Centers for Excellence in Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases (WRCE). NIH-NIAID. 5U54AI057156-07. Total award direct cost $1,949,180 (Dr. Olano subcontract direct cost: $524,670).
2009-2014 Co-Director. 10% effort. Diagnostics Development Core. Western Regional Centers for Excellence in Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases (WRCE). NIH-NIAID. 5U54AI057156-07. Total award direct cost: $$2,524,958 (Dr. Olano subcontract direct cost: $517,996).
2011-2013 Co-Investigator. 5% effort. Rickettsiae Detection Dipstick. Department of the Army, US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command. W81XWH-10-C-0011. (Total award for J. Olano: $110,000). Gregory Zeltzer, M.D., Ph.D. Principal Investigator. Physical Optics Corporation.
2013 Collaborator. Point-of-care Microelectronic Diagnostics For Early Phase Rickettsial Infections. Louisiana Tech University, Louisiana State University, University of Texas Medical Branch. Louisiana Biomedical Research Network’s INBRE Program.


2012 Co-Investigator. Palm-Diagnostic Instrument and Electro-modulated Test Chips for Viral and Bacterial Biodefense Agents. Sandia National Laboratories, University of Houston, University of Texas Medical Branch. NIH R-O1.
2012 Co-Investigator. Ultrasensitive Nanoscale GMR (Giant Magneto Resistance) Array for Multiplex Pathogen Detection. University of Houston, University of Texas Medical Branch. NIH-RO1
1993-1994 Principal Investigator. Research Project Grant from the Southern Medical Association. "Identification and characterization of marijuana metabolites in rats meconium by using Fluorescent Polarization Immunoassays (FPIA) and Gas Chromatography/Mass spectrometry (GC/MS)". Total award: $3,000
1997-1998 Principal Investigator. George Dock Scholar Award. University of Texas Medical Branch. "Intracellular calcium, actin polymerization and their role in the pathogenesis of rickettsial infections". Total award: $4,000.
1997-2002 Co-Investigator. 10% effort. NIH "Emerging and Re-emerging rickettsioses in Latin America" Fogarty International. Grant #D43 TW000903-05. Total award: $502,880.
1996-2000 Co-Investigator. 25% effort. "Epidemiology of Human Monocytic Ehrlichiosis", Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC)Grant. (David H. Walker, Principal Investigator). Grant #HR8-CCH 613372. Total award: $64,000.
2001-2005 Co-Investigator. 25% effort. NIH "Ehrlichia chaffeensis surface proteins" (David H. Walker, Principal Investigator). Grant #A1031431-11. Total award: $1,490,000.
2001-2003 Co-Investigator. 5% effort. Texas-Mexico border Infectious Disease Monitoring Program, Department of Health and Human Services/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) grant. (Robert B. Tesh, Principal Investigator).
2001-2003 Principal Investigator. 25% effort. John Sealy Memorial Endowment Fund, "Endothelial Pathobiology in Rickettsial Infections". Grant #2559-01. Total award: $70,000.
  1. Co-Principal Investigator. 25% effort. "Molecular Pathogenesis of Rickettsioses and Development of Novel Anti-Rickettsial Treatment by Combinatorial Peptide-Based Libraries". U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command. Peer-Reviewed Medical Research Program. Arthropod Transmitted Infectious Disease. Grant #DAMD-17-02-1-0198. Total award: $1,284,529.
2003-2008 Principal Investigator. 15% effort. "New Diagnostic Methods for Acute Rickettsial Infections". Project #6, Western Regional Centers for Excellence (WRCE) for Biodefense and Emerging Infections. Grant #U54 AI057156-01. Total award: $1,493,097.
  1. Co-Investigator. 10% effort. Towards the development of a syndrome-specific diagnostic tool. Western Regional Centers for Excellence (WRCE) for Biodefense and Emerging Infections. Direct cost: $88,033 (sub-contract for Dr. Olano).
2008-2009 Co-Investigator. 10% effort. Multiplex serodiagnostic chip for rickettsial diseases. Western Regional Centers for Excellence in Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases (WRCE). Direct cost: $61,391(for Dr. Olano’s subcontract).
2008-2010 UTMB/Sandia Joint Institute for Biosecurity, Technology Acceleration and Commercialization (JIB-TAC). Post-Doctoral fellowship. Total Award: $53,000
2006-2011 Co-Investigator. 14% effort. Small Animal Model Development and Proof-of-Concept Testing of Therapeutics and Vaccines in Small Animal Models of Burkholderia and Rickettsial Diseases. NIH-NIAID-DMID-03-39 Part C (19). Direct costs: $3,248,556.
2010-2013 Co-investigator (10% effort). Animal Models of Infectious Diseases-Development of a Mouse Model for Scrub Typhus. HHSN27200001-Task Order A06, NIH/NIAID. Total award, direct cost: $ 1,530,868.
2008-2013 Co-investigator. 10% effort. A multiplex serodiagnostics protein microarray.
NIAID. University of California- Irvine. 5U01AI078213-02. Total award: $ ~ 450,000 (sub-contract for Dr. Olano).
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