Slobodan Paessler, DVM, PhD

Slobodan Paessler, DVM, PhD

Department of Pathology
Director, Galveston National Laboratory Preclinical Studies Core
Director, Animal Biosafety Level 3, Institute for Human Infections and Immunity
Member, Center for Biodefense & Emerging Infectious Diseases

Phone: (409) 266-6913
Lab: (409) 747-2489

Slobodan Paessler, DVM, PhD

  • Areas of research: Molecular biology, viral pathogenesis, vaccine/antivirals, and diagnostics development.

    The research in my laboratory has focused on viral pathogenesis, vaccine development and on development of animal models to test new vaccine candidates and antiviral drugs. My main research interest is in understanding the mechanisms by which emerging RNA viruses cause encephalitis, hemorrhagic fever, or respiratory diseases. Central nervous system (CNS) invasion by RNA viruses is particularly a complex and fascinating process. We seek to elucidate the nature of the neuroinflammatory response to CNS invasion by viruses in diverse families such as Togaviridae, Orthomyxoviridae, Bunyaviridae and Arenaviridae. Our approach is designed to provide expertise for the development and evaluation of vaccines and anti-viral drugs in collaboration with partners in academia (within and between institutions), in biotechnology, and in federal agencies.
  • Education

    BS Agriculture and Veterinary School, Osijek, Croatia Veterinary Sciences 1991
    DVM Ludwig-Maximilian-University, Munich, Germany Veterinary Medicine 1999
    Dr Med Vet Ludwig-Maximilian-University, Munich, Germany
    Thesis: "Detection of antibodies against alphaviruses in sera of human and animal origin using recombinant antigens and virus-specific monoclonal antibodies." Funded by FHG (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft), Germany.
    PhD UTMB Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Galveston, TX, USA Experimental Pathology 2007

    Special Training

    Large Animal ABSL-3 training at CSU, Fort Collins, Colorado 2003
    USAMRIID Necropsy training in ABSL-4 laboratory at UTMB
    (Galveston; for rodents and rabbits).
    GLP training for high containment laboratories 2006-Present
  • Membership in Scientific and Professional Societies:

    2004-Present, American Society for Microbiology
    2004-Present, American Society for Tropical Medicine & Hygiene
    2006-Present, American Society for Virology
    2005-Present, American Association for the Advancement of Science

    Editorial Responsibilities:

    • Editorial Board:
      • Zoonoses and Public Health, 10/01/2007-Present
      • Transboundary and Emerging Diseases (TBED)
        - formerly Journal of Veterinary Medicine, Series A, 12/2007-Ppresent
    • Ad-hoc Reviewer:
      • American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
      • Journal of General Virology
      • Virology
      • Vaccine
      • Archives of Virology
      • Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews
      • Veterinary Microbiology

    Service on National Study Sections:

    Reviewer for Biodefense Vaccine Enhancement BAA NIH-BARDA-NIAID-DMID-AI2007007. Review of contract proposals received in response to the Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) that addresses third generation anthrax vaccines as well as other category A and B pathogen vaccines. This is an important initiative since eventually these products will likely be considered for the National Stockpile.

    Convener for the Workshop session titled “Vaccines & Vectors III.” American Society for Virology Annual Meeting 2008, Ithaca, NY

    Session Chair (neurovirology) for the 19th annual virology meeting (German Society for Virology), 2009, Leipzig, Germany.

    Scientific Advisory Board

    Influmedix Inc.

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