• Call the Doctor if your Child has Severe Pain, Swelling, Fever, Persistent Lump, Limps or has Redness, or Warmth of the Skin

    October 6, 2023, 09:32 AM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    Genetic factors contribute to the experience of pain. So maybe there is a genetic difference in those third of children having growing pains but it doesn’t make it less real. When a child has severe pain, swelling, fever, a persistent lump in a muscle, is limping, has redness or warmth of the skin over the muscle, it is time to call the doctor.

  • Post-RSV

    Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is making the headlines.

    September 26, 2023, 08:27 AM by Sally Robinson MD

    More than most people want to know about these organisms that can cause so much trouble. It seemed that suddenly there was a new virus making babies, the elderly and the immunocompromised really sick. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) was and is making the headlines.

  • Post-SteamWater

    Hot Water Heaters should be less than120 degrees

    September 22, 2023, 11:27 AM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    It is strongly suggested that hot water heaters be regulated so that the maximum hot temperature cannot be over 120 degrees. There are varying types of water heaters and varying local codes. Your plumber or the source of all information “YouTube” can show you how to check or regulate the temperature

  • Sound-Sleep

    Caffeine can be disruptive to children and some teens

    September 8, 2023, 09:50 AM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    Almost everyone knows something about caffeine but most don’t know it is found in about 60 plants. This naturally occurring drug is found in coffee beans, cacao beans (chocolate), tea leaves, kola nuts and many more. Caffeine itself is bitter so why do millions, perhaps billions of people, ingest it every day. It is a stimulant that wakes you up, keeps you alert and improves concentration.

  • Post-Highlight-motherandgirl

    Parents' Role in their Child’s Mental Health

    September 1, 2023, 12:26 PM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    Parents are very important in the care of their children’s mental health. It is important that parents assure their child that they can tell them anything without judgement or criticism. This is one of those things that is easy to say and not so easy to do. Second communicate that mental health is HEALTH and it is normal to talk about it and to seek professional help just like you would for strep throat. Many famous people have publicly done so.

  • Post-Internet-Safety

    How to Avoid "Cyber" Bullies

    August 25, 2023, 13:10 PM by UTMB Pediatrics

    It is strongly recommended that a parent requires them to “friend you” on social media and to share their passwords with you. Always consider asking for help from school personnel, a counselor or your doctor.


    Back to School Ready

    August 11, 2023, 12:29 PM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    Knowing who the trusted adults are can help build a safe environment and allow children to talk about what they are worried about whether it is bad weather, too heavy back packs, bullies or guns. Being a trusted adult takes practice also.

  • Post-Highlight-website-danger.001

    Communicate Expectations for Safety

    July 28, 2023, 12:09 PM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    Give children reasons for expectations. “I want you to be safe crossing the street. I expect you to hold on to my hand.” Many things seem so obvious for safe and respectful behavior.

  • Excercise

    Heat Exposure can be Serious

    July 24, 2023, 00:00 AM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    Stay out of the noon-day sun, drink lots of non-alcoholic liquids, and find a cool spot. Remember your children and pets.

  • Post-Earth-Day

    Climate Change and Kids

    July 21, 2023, 13:42 PM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    Besides educating the politicians that make the guidelines to help protect families there are many educational tools about climate change for children on the internet.

  • Post-Smile

    Human hair comes with all sorts of colors, textures and shapes

    July 7, 2023, 15:09 PM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    Human hair comes with all sorts of colors, textures and shapes. African hair is more coiled and dry; Asian hair is straighter and thicker; and Caucasian hair is somewhere in between with around 45% having straight hair, 40% having wavy hair, and 15% having curly hair. These variations are determined by many genes and combination with environmental factors (and not in the least by hair stylists!). There is great truth to the quote “you can’t tell a book by its cover.”

  • Life Expectancy

    June 30, 2023, 08:58 AM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    Life expectancy has be getting shorter in the US not longer. Do you think the life expectancy of American young people will be getting longer or shorter?

  • Gun Safety as Play Date Vetting Criteria

    June 23, 2023, 09:57 AM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    Children are aware of the gun violence in schools and other public places. If they are concerned or feel threatened they should talk to a responsible adult about what they have seen and be rewarded for being a safety officer.

  • Post-ACES4.4

    Mental Health Problems is a side-effect of the Pandemic

    June 16, 2023, 14:47 PM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    Children whose lives are disrupted by mental health symptoms will NOT just “snap out of it”. They can struggle for years. Treatment after an appropriate diagnosis may be a combination of medication, cognitive (talk) therapy and calming strategies. Adequate sleep is crucial for brain health. Call 988 immediately if your child is thinking of suicide. 988 can also give resources.

  • CDC Repellant

    Don't let a Tick make you Sick

    June 9, 2023, 08:43 AM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    Ticks don’t jump or fly. They crawl up low bushes or grass in search of their victim. Then they clasp on with their back legs and reach up their front legs to grab onto a passing victim. Dogs are easy targets as are children. They can detect their victims by breath, body odors, body heat and vibrations.

  • Teen Driver on Phone

    Is Syphilis a childhood disease?

    May 30, 2023, 00:00 AM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    Is syphilis a childhood disease? A disease of the newborn? Over the past decade, “there’s been about a 700% increase in the cases of congenital syphilis in the United States” from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of STD Prevention.

  • Sunscreen

    May 26, 2023, 13:20 PM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    Humans can’t live without the sun which is the closest star to Earth. It radiates light, heat and solar energy which makes it possible for life on Earth. However, exposure to Ultra Violet Radiation (UVR) from the sun is the main environmental cause of skin cancer.

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