UTMB Pediatric Educator Excellence Awardees 2003 to Present

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Early Career Pediatric Educator Award for Excellence in Medical Student EDUCATION FOR the contribution of an Assistant Professor to medical education at any 4 years of medical school

2024 - Zhibo Yang MD, PhD, Emergency Medicine
2023 - Diana Nguyen DO, Infectious Disease
2022 - Amy Gonzalez MD, Pediatric Hospital Medicine
2021 - Erin Cooney MD, Medical Genetics

Prior to 2020, this award was for faculty at any rank.

2020 - Joe Ray MD, Medical Genetics
2019 - Andrea Glaser MD, Gastroenterology
2018 - Marie Dawlett MD, Pediatric Hospital Medicine
2017 - Melissa Smith-Phillips MD, PhD, General Pediatrics
2016 - Mark Wolffarth MD, General Pediatrics
2015 - Sunil Jain MD, Neonatology
2014 - Bill Noble MD, General Pediatrics
2013 - Lemuel Aigbivbalu MD, Pediatric Hospital Medicine
2012 - Ashraf Aly MD, PhD, Cardiology
2011 - Victor Reyes PhD, Basic Science Education
2010 - Susie Gerik MD, Complex Care
2009 - Patricia Rogers MD, General Pediatrics
2008 - Judith Rowen MD, Infectious Diseases
2007 - Fred Huang MD, Hematology Oncology
2006 - Patricia Beach MD, General Pediatrics
2005 - Gayani Silva MD, General Pediatrics

The Lockhart Above and Beyond Educator Award for the exceptional contribution of an Associate or Full Professor to undergraduate or graduate education, named in honor of Dr. Lillian Lockhart

2024 - Patricia Beach MD
2023 - Terumi Midori-Horiuti MD, PhD
2022 - Victor Reyes PhD, Immunology
2021 - Marie Dawlett MD
2020 - Susie Gerik MD


Award for Excellence in Support of Pediatric Education (Outside) for the contribution of faculty in a department other than Pediatrics, or preceptor from a community-based practice, or education supporter from a community agency. 

2024 - Snehal Doshi MD and Travis Billingsley MD, Doshi Neonatal Associates, Beaumont
2023 - Carl Hubbell MD and Renee Brown-Nembhard MD, Beaumont Pediatric Center
2023 - Elizabeth Turner, Smart Family Literacy
2022 - Raymond Kahn MD, FAAP, Pediatrics Around the Bend, Missouri City, TX

2021 - Lee Elam MD & Christina Salazar MD, UTMB Health Pediatric Primary Care, Lake Jackson
2020 - Tiffany Hill MD, UT Health Tyler (Pedi Clerkship)

Prior to 2020, this award had been an award for support from UTMB staff or faculty outside of Pediatrics. The award has now been split into Inside Support (Staff) and Outside-the-Department Support.    

2019 - Mary Jo Urbani MS  (Pedi Admin)
           Leonard Swischuk MD (Pedi Radiology)
2018 - Maylin Gerardo-Lopez, MSN, FNP-C (Gen Peds and Advocacy Center)
2017 - Tayna Vazquez (Pedi Admin)
            Kristin Moorehead (Bay Colony Clinics)
            Kara Thompson MS (Epic Support)
2016 - Lillian Gammage (Pedi Admin)
2015 - Bonnie Webster RN, MS (School of Nursing)
2014 - Lolly Vasquez (Administrative Associate) 
2013 - Tiffany Swain (Pediatric Clerkship Coordinator)
2012 - Darren Burns (Family Medicine, support for Design-a-Case)
2011 - Harold Pine MD (Pedi ENT)
2010 - Tiffany Swain (Pediatric Clerkship Coordinator)
2009 - Mary Jo Urbani MS (Systems Analyst/Instructional Technologist)
2008 - Tresea Moradi (Continuity Clinic Head OSA)
2007 - Barbara Ladd (Recruitment Coordinator)           
           Catalina Castro (Residency Coordinator)
2006 - Shannon Carroll (Clerkship coordinator)
           Stacey Monroe (ECI LAUNCH Outreach Coordinator) 
2005 - Judith Rowen MD (Clerkship Director)



Early Career Pediatric Educator Award for Excellence in Residency Education for the contribution of an Assistant Professor to residency education

2024 - Alexa Coon, DO, Developmental and Behavioral Health
2023 - Cleavon Covington DO, Asthma, Allergy and Immunology
2022 - Marcela Navarro Holguin MD, General Pediatrics
2021 - Amber Hairfield DO, Academic General Pediatrics

Prior to 2020, this award was for faculty at any rank.

2020 - Maria San Andrés MD, General Pediatrics
2019 - Pamela Lupo MD, Pedi Neurology
2018 - Elizabeth Rodriguez-Lien MD, General Pediatrics
2017 - Patricia Beach MD, General Pediatrics
2016 - David Rassin PhD,  Resident Scholarly Activity Program 
2015 - Sharon Sanchez MD, General Pediatrics 
2014 - Rafael Fonseca MD, Neonatology
2013 - Sunil Jain MD, Neonatology
2012 - David McCormick MD, General Pediatrics
2011 - Cara Geary MD, PhD, Neonatology
2010 - Cassandra Pruitt MD, Residency Program Director 
2009 - Sharon Petronella MD, Resident Scholarly Activity Program
2008 - Cassandra Pruitt MD, Residency Program Director
2007 - Virginia Niebuhr PhD, Pedi Psychology/Behavioral Pediatrics
2006 - Richard Rupp MD, Adolescent Medicine
2005 - Krystal Revai MD, General Pediatrics


Award for Excellence in Support of Pediatric Education (Staff)for the contribution of a UTMB staff member

2024 - Richard Briley MEd, CHSE, UTMB Interprofessional Simulation Center
2023 - Madalyn Werking. Administrative Associate
2022 - Christy Humphrey, Residency Program Manager
2021 - Tayna Vazquez, Pedi Administration
2020 - Tiffany Swain, Pedi Clerkship Coordinator



Golden Rattle Award selected by the Residents

2023 - Maria Franco-Fuenmayor MD
2022 - Cleavon Covington MD
2021 - Marie Dawlett MD
2020 - Amber Hairfield MD
2019 - Leticia Castillo MD 
2018 - Sharon Sanchez MD
2017 - Lane Shirley MD
2016 - Shivani Tripathi MD
2014 - Patricia Rogers MD
2011 - Rayne Rouce MD
2010 - Patricia Beach MD
2009 - Rafael Fonseca MD
2008 - Frederick Huang MD
2007 - Sunil Jain MD
2006 - Keith Bly MD
2005 - Patricia Rogers MD
2004 - Neera Kansal Khilnani MD
2003 - Keith Bly MD 



Previous awards given by the Department

Junior Faculty Excellence in Medical Education

Award discontinued in 2005 and replaced by two awards specifically for resident and student education. Link here for recipients 1985-2004

Community Preceptor Award

Award discontinued in 2020. Community Preceptors are eligible for the Award for Excellence in Support of Pediatric Education (Outside).  Link here for recipients 1996-2019


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