Division Director: Joseph W. Ray MD
Administrative Manager: Kelli Knox
Clinical Genetics Providers: Joseph W. Ray MD, Allison Britt MS, CGC
Metabolic Genetic Providers: Joseph W. Ray MD, Allison Britt MS, CGC,
Metabolic Dietician/Newborn Screening Coordinator: Danielle Vice MS, RD, LD, CNSC
Prenatal Genetics Providers: Lillian H. Lockhart MD, Katherine Bridgeman MS, CGC, Swetha Narayanan MS, CGC
Cancer Genetics Providers: Christina Falugi MS, CGC


Clinical Genetics

  • Clinical genetics provides comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis for patients with potential genetic conditions.  Our scope encompasses all forms of genetic conditions including, but not limited to, conditions with neurological, cardiac, endocrine, renal, and skeletal abnormalities.
  • We provide treatment and surveillance of conditions with genetic etiologies such as lysosomal storage diseases and muscular dystrophy.
  • We provide inpatient consultation services to adult and pediatric populations in Galveston and outpatient services in both Galveston and League City, TX.
  • We have an active participation in medical student and resident education in the clinical setting and participate in the education of medical students during their basic science years.

Metabolic Genetics and Newborn Screening

  • Metabolic genetics provides counseling, surveillance, and treatment for patients with inborn errors of metabolism such as phenylketonuria, glutaric aciduria, etc.
  • Our patients work closely with our metabolic dietician and are provided dynamic management in accordance to their health needs
  • We provide acute inpatient care at John Sealy Hospital and outpatient care to both pediatric and adult populations in both our Galveston and League City clinics.
  • We facilitate diagnostic confirmation for patients that are found to be positive through the state mandated Texas DSHS Newborn Screening Program.  

Prenatal Genetics

  • Prenatal genetics provides counseling and screening for mothers with high risk pregnancies including mothers with advanced maternal age and mothers with abnormal findings on fetal ultrasound
  • We facilitate diagnosis, determine inherited risk factors, and provide anticipatory guidance for mothers of babies with genetic conditions
  • We provide pre-pregnancy counseling for patients with personal history and/or family history of genetic conditions
  • Our clinic is run in collaboration with the Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine in Galveston, TX.
  • Our current outreach programs include collaboration clinics in Angleton, Pearland, Pasadena and Sugarland, TX.
  • We have an active participation in medical student and resident education in our outpatient clinic and provide the unique opportunity for our trainees to learn and hone their counseling techniques in a controlled setting.

Cancer Genetics

  • Cancer genetics provides counseling and screening for both pediatric and adult patients at personal risk for hereditary cancer predisposition syndromes and family members with a family history of predisposition for cancer. 
  • We facilitate diagnosis by determining inherited risk factors, provide pre and post test canceling for the variety of genetic testing that is available, and help coordinate testing of patients and their family members.  
  • We have an active participation in medical student, medical genetic resident, and genetic counseling education in both our inpatient hospital and outpatient clinical settings.