Division Director: Ashraf Aly MD, PhD

  • Pediatric Cardiology provides clinical services to children with suspected heart defects from birth to late adolescence
  • We also have a fetal cardiology program in collaboration with Maternal and Fetal Medicine that provides fetal echo cardiography and counseling to expectant mothers with suspected congenital heart defects
  • We continue to provide both inpatient and out-patient service to our patients at the UTMB campus as well as in League City
  • We provide most of necessary cardiac testing in out-patient setting (EKG, Echo, cardiac monitors and stress testing, etc.)
  • We provide telemedicine to referring physicians and hospitals
  • We are committed to teaching and training of our medical students and pediatric residents


Patient Care PT-Care-Icon
Providing access to pediatric primary and specialty patient care to serve the health needs of Texas.
home4We have a long history of collaborative Pedi research in viral infections, cancer, genetics, asthma and more.
Education MedEd-Icon
Our faculty participate in the education of medical students, residents and sub specialty fellows.
Referring Physicians
Reffering-IconWe recognize the importance of referring physicians in our mission to provide quality healthcare for all Texans.