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Children's Health Service Allergy-Immunology

Director: David Lindsay II MD

Allergy and Immunology provides comprehensive evaluations and diagnoses for allergic disorders. Our faculty are well-trained and board-certified pediatricians.

  • We diagnose and manage serious allergic disorders such as asthma, systemic lupus erythematosus, dermatomyositis, as well as genetic defects of the immune system.
  • We offer a NEW Early Peanut Introduction (EPI) Clinic every Tuesday at our Specialty Care Clinic in League City (Bay Colony). Based on the LEAP study for early peanut introduction, in the attempt to reduce future peanut allergies. Infants age 4 months to 11 months of age with moderate to severe eczema using SCORAD evaluation AND/OR egg allergy will be evaluated for peanut sensitivity and started on early peanut introduction to reduce the likelihood of developing a peanut allergy later in life.
  • We do research on neutrophil and eosinophil function, molecular basis and role of cellular adherence in disease, mucosal immunity, molecular basis of immunodeficiency disorders, airway inflammation, and cytokines including pathogenesis of virus-induced asthma, airway inflammation secondary to burn and smoke inhalation.
  • We participate in medical student and resident training, with annual seminars for pediatric residents.
  • We have a combined Pediatric and Internal Medicine Fellowship training program

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Goldblum, Randall

Randall Goldblum MD
Professor Emeritus

A Lindsay, David

David Lindsay II MD
Assistant Professor
Director Allergy & Immunology

Covington, Cleavon Jamaul Tony

Cleavon Covington MD
Assistant Professor