Children's Health Service Allergy-Immunology

Director:  David Lindsay II MD

The members of the Section of Immunology carry out active clinical care, teaching, and research programs.

Clinical Program

Expertise is provided for the diagnosis and management of serious allergic disorders such as asthma, autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus, dermatomyositis, and genetic defects in the immune system. The faculty is particularly known for their work in the identification and treatment of children with immunodeficiency diseases.

Research Program

  • Members of the section have been recognized internationally for their research in:
  • Molecular basis and role of cellular adherence in disease
  • The molecular basis and role of cellular adherence in disease
  • The molecular basis of immunodeficiency disorders
  • Ontogeny of immunity and immune system in human milk
  • Airway inflammation and cytokines including pathogenesis of virus-induced asthma
  • Asthma and airway inflammation secondary to burn and smoke inhalation
  • The faculty in the section also collaborate in research with other faculty at UTMB and at other institutions.
  • Opportunities occur for students and residents to participate in these research activities during their electives. Those activities are supervised by several faculty in the section.


Educational Program

  • Our faculty participates in the annual instructional seminars for residents in pediatrics.
  • The faculty helps organize and participate in both graduate and undergraduate medical school courses in areas dealing with host defense and immunology.
  • Electives and selectives in clinical immunology/allergy/rheumatology are offered to senior medical students and pediatric residents, respectively. The purpose of both electives is to provide further clinical training opportunities that aid the trainees to better understand the application of immunology to clinical care.
  • The section participates in a combined Pediatric and Internal Medicine Fellowship Training Program leading to eligibility for board certification by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology. Enquiries for fellowship should be made to Dr. Randall Goldblum, the program director. Applications can be made through ERAS.
  • The faculty is also active in postgraduate medical training and postdoctoral training at UTMB and at other institutions.


A Lindsay, David

David Lindsay II MD
Assistant Professor
Director Allergy & Immunology

Covington, Cleavon Jamaul Tony

Cleavon Covington MD
Assistant Professor

Goldblum, Randall

Randall Goldblum MD
Professor Emeritus