• The Importance of Reading

    January 17, 2020, 08:00 AM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    A child’s brain develops the most rapidly in the first five years. Recent studies done provide evidence for the potential benefits of reading and potential detriments of too much screen time. Dr. John Hutton, a pediatrician, says, “Kids who have a more stimulating experience that organize the brain are at a huge advantage when they get to school. It’s really harder and harder for kids to catch up.”

  • Set Healthy Goals for Children in 2020

    January 1, 2020, 00:00 AM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    It’s time again to set out new goals once again. We can all wipe the slate clean and start over once again! Your children can be part of that optimistic time of year. Curl up on the couch with your child(ren) and set attainable goals. Find suggestions on this Keeping Kids Healthy article by Dr. Sally Robinson.

  • Post-toy-safety

    Toys Should be Fun and Safe

    December 6, 2019, 14:23 PM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    Websites are NOT required to post safety warning associated with toys. When buying presents for your child, select toys that are age-appropriate. No matter how mature you think that your child is, he or she should not play with toys that are meant for an older age group. Read the full article for tips on how to choose age-appropriate toys.

  • Iron Deficiency Anemia

    November 8, 2019, 00:00 AM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    Iron deficiency anemia is the world’s most common single-nutrient deficiency. Young children and pregnant women are at higher risk of iron deficiency because of rapid growth and higher iron needs. Among children, iron deficiency is seen most often between six months and three years of age. Learn more on how to help prevent iron deficiency in children.

  • Post-cold

    Cold Weather and Colds

    November 5, 2019, 15:45 PM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    In this Keeping Kids Healthy article, Dr. Sally Robinson discusses the myth that cold weather causes the common cold. Although it may seem that way, the cold and flu are caused by viruses. The decrease in the humidity in the air during the cold time of year allows these viruses to be more active. The best prevention against the common cold is to stay away from people with a cold and practice good hygiene.

  • Post-CBD

    Beware of Health Claims about Cannabis Products

    October 23, 2019, 09:20 AM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a letter for parents about cannabis products. With both CBD and THC, like all other medications or drugs, children are more likely to access and consume them by mistake. The Food and Drug Administration is gathering information about problems related to cannabis. Read and find out more about the symptoms of CBD overdose and for a list of warnings from the FDA.

  • Post-ADHD

    Exercise and ADHD

    October 1, 2019, 11:32 AM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    ADHD Awareness Month is celebrated every October. In this Keeping Kids Healthy Dr. Sally Robinson discusses how exercise may reduce the severity of the symptoms of attention deficit with hyperactivity. Physical activity appears to be a promising intervention method along with benefits to health over all. Read More.

  • Childhood Cancer Awareness

    September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

    September 16, 2019, 15:50 PM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The word “cancer” certainly strikes a scary and emotional note in our hearts, and when attached to the word “childhood” it can be especially frightening. However, as with many things we fear, we can be empowered by understanding. The overall outlook for children and adolescents with cancer has improved greatly. Read More

  • Post-Sleep

    The Importance of Sleep

    August 23, 2019, 17:12 PM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    In this KKH article, Dr. Robinson discusses the importance of sleep and tips to help your child sleep soundly. Recently there has been some very comprehensive studies on successful students, improved behavior, improved IQ and over all wellbeing. Read More

  • Excercise

    Exercise is a Very Important Part of Health

    April 15, 2019, 00:00 AM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    In this KKH article, Dr. Robinson discusses different types of exercise along with their unique benefits. It is well recognized that exercise is a very important part of health. Exercise increases the feeling of well-being and extends a healthy life span. It has recently been demonstrated that all children need ...

  • Discipline more Effective than Punishment

    January 1, 2019, 00:00 AM by Sally Robinson

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) encourages parents to use discipline strategies, not physical or verbal punishments to stop unwanted behaviors in children and teens. Teaching children to recognize and control their behavior is an important job for their caregivers.

  • Holiday Decorations Safety Tips

    November 10, 2018, 11:21 AM by Dr. Sally Robinson

    Twinkly lights, candles, holiday trees and plants, ornaments and other decorations are an important part of holiday celebrations. Besides being festive and fun, the decorations your family brings out every year can help children feel connected to family traditions. To help make sure your decorations are safe, the American Academy of Pediatrics, healthychildren.org, offers some tips:

  • Baby Walkers Continue to be a Dangerous Choice

    September 25, 2018, 00:00 AM by Sally Robinson

    In the past almost 25 years, more than a quarter of a million infants less than 15 months were treated for walker-related injuries in the emergency room. more than 90 percent sustained head or neck injuries. Recent (2010) federal mandatory safety standard regulations have decreased the amount of injuries by 22.7 percent, but the use of walkers remain an important and preventable source of injury among younger children. The American Academy of Pediatrics has called for a ban on their manufacture and sale in the United States.

  • Energy Drinks are Harmful

    September 25, 2018, 00:00 AM by Sally Robinson

    Research done on the positive effects of energy drinks have not shown any positive effects such as improved physical performance, improved immune system or improved memory. Caffeine, the most abundant ingredient in energy drinks, is a drug and this drug when taken in excess can have fatal consequences. Children, adolescents and their parents should be aware of the lack of good effects from energy drinks and their potential harm.

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