Prescription to Play

Feb 16, 2024, 14:49 PM by Dr. Suzanne LaForte

Have you seen these kits at Bay Colony? Our colleagues in Behavior and Development Pediatrics started UTMB Pedi on this new program and it is spreading. These kits are now available in Galveston PCP, and coming soon to Island Pedi West.

They help us remind parents about the importance of playing with children and how using simple toys that are not screen-based can have huge benefits.  These are the Duplo style of Lego bricks and are not choking hazards.  

These kits are donated from Lego and the Weitzman foundations.  There are no restrictions on usage at this time.  They are appropriate for 15-18 months through 3 years of age.  Children age 4 through 6 years may enjoy them as well.  The kids get to take these kits home.  In addition, to the blocks, there are education sheets for parents inside the box on fun and innovative play ideas.  

By Dr. Suzanne LaForte

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