Prepare for your Child's Hospital Visit

A visit to the UTMB Children's Hospital

Nurses' Station phone number (409) 772-2070

Remember that hospital beds are higher than the bed at home. The rails along the sides are up for your child's safety. The type of bed available for your child is determined by his/her age. Cribs and beds with side rails are for your child's safety. A parent or older child can change the position of the bed, turn on and off the lights and television set or call the nurse from the remote control or the buttons on the bedside. Rooms are single patient rooms with a private bathroom.

Each room has a telephone so that parents and patients can receive calls if they wish. Local calls can be accessed by dialing 9 before the number. Long distance calls cannot be made in the room. Local cell service is available through most cellular providers on the unit. The cell service may be prohibited in certain areas of the hospital so as not to interfere with equipment. A public phone is available in the main lobby of the John Sealy Hospital.

Each patient room also includes a television. A DVD player and Playstation 2 are available upon request. A guide to programs and stations can be obtained at the nurse’s station. In addition to commercial programming, UTMB channels discuss issues of health care and education that may interest parents. We have a library of movies and games that you may choose from.

The Children's Hospital on the 10th Floor has an on-site playroom. Parents are required to accompany their children to the playroom and supervise their activities there.

Child Life is an important part of the multidisciplinary team and focus on the psychosocial needs of children. Child Life Services are once again available to assist with the following:

  • Procedural Preparation
  • Procedural support to assist with coping skills and distraction for procedures
  • Developmentally appropriate play opportunities
  • Medical Play opportunities
  • Family and Sibling Support and Education
  • Bereavement Support
  • Education Assessment and support
  • School Re-Entry
  • Special Events for patients

Safety: A Number of Regulations Exist to Protect Your Child
and Make the Hospital Stay More Comfortable

Balloons: Because latex and rubber balloons can cause children to choke, Children’s Hospital allows only foil (Mylar) balloons in patients’ rooms.

Cell phones: Personal electronic devices pose a potential for electromagnetic interference (EMI) with medical devices. To ensure the safety of patients, mobile (portable) communication and/or wireless devices such as cell phones, personal data assistants (PDA’s), Blackberry, laptops, etc. should not be used within three (3) feet of medical equipment by employees, volunteers, contractors, visitors or students, in any patient care area.

Electrical Appliances: Please contact the nurses’ station, (409) 772-2070, before bringing any personal electronic devices into the hospital. They can supply you with a list of approved machines.

Medication: Nurses can administer only medication ordered by a hospital doctor in writing. If your child has been taking medicines before being admitted, discuss with the doctor on call whether these medicines should be continued.

Security: UTMB maintains security personnel 24 hours a day with the responsibilities and powers of any police officer in Texas when on UTMB property. To report a crime or non-medical emergency at UTMB: call (409) 772-1111 or campus extension 2-1111. This number is answered 24 hours a day by certified telecommunications personnel who maintain two-way radio contact with UTMB police officers and guards on duty.

Smoking: For the health of staff and patients, smoking is not allowed in UTMB Children’s Hospital, in other campus buildings or on campus grounds.

Visitors: We ask families to limit visitation of young children to just 1 or 2 guests at a time.


We have a long history of collaborative Pedi research in viral infections, cancer, genetics, asthma and more.

Our faculty participate in the education of medical students, residents and sub specialty fellows.

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Physician consultations and referring physicians and important in our mission to provide quality healthcare for all Texans.