HTPM Alumni

Former Student Testimonials:

"The HPTM program operates outside of traditional graduate training. Experiences such as clinical encounters highlight the realities of disease from the patient, and the answers needed from translational science. If I can only point to one thing that has made me a better scientist, it would overemphatically be the innovative teaching and educational curriculum in the HPTM program."

Charles Brent Chesson (2016), Post-Doc, MD Anderson Cancer Center

“The HPTM program trained me to think critically and equipped me with the tools to seek understanding in areas related to my research. These acquired skills greatly complemented the grant-writing activities that were heavily emphasized in the HPTM program. Additionally, the flexibility offered in choosing the lab that I would conduct my dissertation research in proved extremely rewarding; the capacity to choose from labs across multiple departments is not possible in other programs.”

Jesse Erasmus (2016), Post-Doc, Infectious Disease Research Institute, Seattle

“The HPTM program provided me with the necessary tools, training, opportunities,  and professional connections to prepare me for a competitive career in translational research, and the emphasis on grantsmanship has served me well in preparing submissions for training and career transition awards.”

Erica McGrath (2017), Post-Doc, Johns Hopkins University