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We accept referrals for many neurodevelopmental conditions, including cerebral palsy, developmental delays, learning disabilities, ADHD, and sequelae of prematurity (including dysphagia). Please note - children over 6 years of age may not receive full developmental evaluations by consulting therapists as these evals can take up to 2 hours each. They will receive screening to determine the need for additional community and educational services.


We coordinate four outpatient clinic appointment types to serve a variety of patient needs. For each clinic, patients receive a medical evaluation with every visit. Click on the links below to learn more about each of our specialized clinic types: 

Complex Care

Most new referrals will have their first evaluation by the team in our general clinic setting. Here, children (many under the age of 6 years) will receive a full diagnostic assessment from multiple team members, and initiation of a medical diagnostic workup if applicable. Children may be recommended to make follow-up visits with any of the below clinics based on needs.
  • Most children with mobility needs will see our equipment specialists at some point during their time with us. Every other Tuesday at our Bay Colony location, our pediatrician and nurse practitioner, OT and/or PT partner with representatives from National Seating and Mobility to offer one-stop equipment evaluation, ordering, modification, and repair services.
  • Seating Clinic does accept new patients without prior evaluation through the General Complex Care Clinic, and can assist with equipment needs beyond age 21 with appropriate referral from a patient’s PCP or specialty care physician.
Young children with confirmed or suspected dysphagia receive an outpatient bedside feeding evaluation from speech and/or occupational therapist(s). Nutritional consult is often paired with the feeding evaluation to provide integrative care for patients with or at-risk for malnutrition. Children receive recommendations for further diagnostic evaluation, outpatient therapy referrals, as well as home programs.
  • School-aged children with concerns for attention and/or learning concerns receive an educational evaluation by our Educational Support Coordinator to optimize their learning environment based on the medical needs identified by our clinicians. Behavioral medication therapies may be offered by our clinicians depending on diagnosis. Caregiver education on accessing the child’s local special education program (when needed) and troubleshooting common problems is a provided service in this setting.
  • Additionally, children requiring only follow-up medical and/or nutritional support services may be seen in this clinic setting.

We can assist with common behavioral and mental health challenges for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. However, if you believe a patient requires a full psychiatry evaluation, please note we currently do not employ a child psychiatrist as a part of our Complex Care team.

If you have questions about the referral process or if a child would be a good candidate for our clinic, please call us at 409-772-2331.

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FOR QUESTIONS or to schedule an appointment, Please CALL 409-772-2331


400 Harborside Drive Suite 103
Phone: (409) 772-3695 or toll free (888) 886-2543
Referral Fax: (409) 772-3680

Clinic Hours
M–F: 8:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m.
Specialty Care Clinic only - 1st and 3rd Saturdays 8:00 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Dr. Rupp is the Medical Director for Island Pedi East. This location provides both Primary Care and Specialty Care services to children and youth from birth through 21 years of age.
In addition to general pediatric care, we provide services for: We also offer:
  • Opportunities to participate in cutting edge clinical trials
  • Studies of new vaccines
  • Literacy promotion through Reach Out and Read and Island Pedi Book Club
  • Faculty working on the forefront of primary care innovation
  • Treatment and prevention strategies using the newest practice guidelines
  • Close collaboration with a broad spectrum of specialists and therapists ensuring high level of care
  • Academic environment ensuring the most up-to-date diagnostic and evaluation tools
  • Providing patients with newest vaccines and vaccine information to assist in keeping their children healthy
2785 Gulf Freeway South, Suite 2.200 (second floor)
M–F: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.;HOURS are subject to change during COVID-19 surges
(409) 772-3695 or (888) 886-2543  
Referral Fax (409) 772-3680

This clinic provides both Primary Care and Specialty Care services to children and youth from birth through 21 years of age. All services are provided in a family-centered setting with specialized education and support to optimize care and outcomes.
This clinic is a state-of-the-art facility. Faculty and resident pediatricians are present in this location, providing care for infants and children from the newborn period through adolescence. As in our other locations (Island Pediatrics East and West), there are opportunities for families to participate in clinical studies, including those for vaccines.

If you are interested in receiving your pediatric health care services at this mainland location instead of one of our island based clinics, please let us know when you call.

  • Breast feeding education
  • Clinical trial opportunities
  • Gynecological examination
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases