Children's Health Service Infectious Disease

Director: Antonella Casola MD


The division has more than 1500 sq. ft. of laboratory research space. The laboratories are equipped for research on respiratory viruses and bacteria. Since 1995, research awards have included several NIH grants and more than 30 industry, foundation and intramural grants. The current research strength is in the field of otitis media and respiratory viruses. Dr. Chonmaitree is internationally-recognized for her work on the role of respiratory viruses in the pathogenesis of acute otitis media in children. Dr. Patel currently collaborates with Dr. Chonmaitree to explore the role of cytokines and cytokine gene mutations in susceptibility to otitis media. Dr. Casola is a recognized expert in the field of cell signaling with respiratory syncytial virus and metapneumovirus infections. We have published extensively in peer-reviewed journals, contributed material to textbooks of infectious diseases, and have frequently served on national research review and policy panels related to childhood infections.


Medical Students: We are actively involved in teaching several courses. Some of the 3rd year students on inpatient rotation are assigned to spend two weeks with the infectious disease clinical service. A pediatric infectious disease elective for year IV students is available. Occasionally, students from other medical schools, both domestic and foreign, have enrolled in the elective.

Residents: A pediatric infectious disease elective has been available to all pediatric and internal medicine-pediatric residents. Residents also attend the Monday AM Pediatric HIV Clinic during their sub-specialty clinic rotation. Residents are mentored for their mandatory research projects.

CME/community lectures: We provide several lectures to community physicians every year.