UTMB Collaborative Research Centers

In the early 1990s, UTMB launched a major new initiative to enhance its research. Since that time, six Sealy Centers for Research excellence have been established to maximize existing strengths and bring cutting-edge research to the university.

center1Sealy Center for Vaccine Development (SIVS)

In December 2001, the Sealy Center for Vaccine Development (SCVD) was established at UTMB. In January 2018, vaccine research and development had expanded at UTMB with the inauguration of the Sealy Institute for Vaccine Sciences (SIVS). With 66 faculty members, the institute incorporates the expertise of more than 100 cutting edge research programs currently at UTMB. These relationships, as well as collaborative relationships with investigators elsewhere, helps us translate laboratory findings to the bedside and beyond.


center2NIEHS Center in Environmental Toxicology

The overarching theme of the UTMB NIEHS Center is the role of oxidative stress in mediating the health effects of exposure to environmental factors. Investigators in the four Research Cores study the mechanisms by which reactive oxygen species are produced and detoxified (Biotransformation Research Core), modulate signaling pathways (Oxidative Stress and Signaling Research Core), damage DNA (DNA Repair and Mutagenesis Research Core), and are involved in the etiology of Asthma (Asthma Pathogenesis Research Core).


center2Program in Airway Inflammation

Airway inflammation researchers at UTMB play a major role in disease-oriented interdisciplinary research programs, including the Signaling in Airway Inflammation program project grant, the Proteomics Technologies in Airway Inflammation center grant, and the NIEHS Center in Environmental Toxicology.

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Providing access to pediatric primary and specialty patient care to serve the health needs of Texas.

Our faculty participate in the education of medical students, residents and sub specialty fellows.

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Physician consultations and referring physicians and important in our mission to provide quality healthcare for all Texans.