Student Recruitment

Welcome to John Sealy SOM Student Affairs
Office of Recruitment and Student Support Services

The Office of Recruitment and Student Support Services supports the non- academic activities of medical students along with educational outreach initiatives within UTMB, the local community, regionally, and nationally. During the academic calendar year, students make recruitment visits to several colleges and university campuses, and attend various regional and national conferences.

In concert with recruitment outreach, the Office conducts tours, formal presentations about the admissions process, and the medical school curriculum for prospective students visiting the UTMB campus.

There are various opportunities and organizations that medical students can choose to participate in during their tenure as a student at UTMB. Students have the opportunity to participate in medical fraternities, student organizations, community outreach and much more. As you explore the opportunities for medical students, realize the sky is the limit. "Carpe Diem" as students say at UTMB!

For further information regarding entrance to the John Sealy School of Medicine, please contact the Office of Recruitment.

LeTanya Neely
Administrative Manager
Phone: (409) 772-3763
Lisa Pearce
Program Manager
(409) 266-1697