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John Sealy SOM Educational Affairs - Instruction Management Office

The Instruction Management Office (IMO) is a team of skilled and motivated professionals who support the educational mission of UTMB to produce knowledgeable, skilled and caring physicians engaged in and life-long learning. The central responsibility of the IMO is to support courses in the first two years of the medical school curriculum. The curriculum includes foundational science and organ systems and the Practice of Medicine (POM) courses.

In addition, the IMO coordinates the Year 3 Basic Science and Human Selectives (BSHS) and oversees the Year 4 Integrated Clinical Evaluation Exercise (ICEE). The foundational Sciences are integrated with POM courses to emphasize clinical decision making, develop differential diagnosis, taking a history, performing physical exams and establish professional relationships with patients across all cultures, genders and ages to improve patient health outcomes. Learning through small groups and team activities is heavily emphasized.


Our goal is to build the foundation to produce knowledgeable, skillful and caring physicians who have a strong sense of responsibility to the community.


Our mission is to provide the assistance, resources and educational environment to support the needs of the John Sealy School of Medicine Course Directors in achieving the principles, guidelines, goals, and objectives of the John Sealy School of Medicine Curriculum.

Lisa Elferink, PhD
Assistant Dean for Educational Affairs, JSSOM